Since 2014, Oktana has provided staff augmentation services focused on Salesforce and full-stack development. Our commitment to staff augmentation, beyond project delivery, has led to an average customer relationship of 4+ years. 


We provide support for any modern language, framework, or technology. From a team of one to many, we enable you to scale as needs arise, short-term or long-term.


Manage your team as you would a team of FTEs, but with ongoing training and support from Oktana.

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Staff Augmentation with Oktana

At our core, we focus on flexibility, transparency and customer-first delivery.

Flexibility as your needs shift:


  • Build very specific, focused teams with the right number of people with the right skills.
  • Scale up and down according to the needs of YOUR business.
  • Monitor the team’s performance with the help of a dedicated account manager responsible for the success of the team.

Tactical Performance Augmentation allows you to:


  • Build very specific and focused teams with exactly the right number of people with the right skills.


  • Ability to scale up and down according to the needs of YOUR business.


  • Every team has a part or full-time SCRUM Master to ensure we’re not only meeting your goals, but doing it at Oktana’s high level of quality.

Transparent Time & Materials cost model:

  • A Performance-to-Spend ROI is more accessible than any other cost model.
  • You will be billed for the hours worked vs. billed for a padded fixed rate project or bucket of hours with a “use it or lose it” policy.

‘True Time & Materials Cost Model’.


  • “Performance-to-spend ROI” with greater ease than with any other staff augmentation service available in the market.” 

We're Development Experts

We're Development Experts

We will build a team with the right composition to meet your needs. Our goal is to enhance your existing organization to help you execute your mission-critical priorities. We don’t force you into a team size or engagement model that requires you to change anything within your SDLC.


Yes, we are Salesforce experts, but we hire our team members based on their Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) skills. They bring a wide range of experience with modern development frameworks, languages, and technologies which allows us to work on a variety of complex projects.

Why Oktana: Tactical

We provide nearshore and onshore staff augmentation. With locations throughout the Americas, our team can provide a generous overlap across shared time zones.

Our team speaks English, whether native or in addition to Spanish. Though each country has its own unique culture, many of the cultural norms throughout the Americas are shared, or complementary, which makes working as one team a smooth – and fun – experience.

We know your needs change and we believe in flexibility. Set the end date in advance, or simply give us 30 days notice when you want to roll one team member, or the whole team, down.

With SOC 2 certification and the ability to leverage onshore staff augmentation, Oktana is a natural fit for organizations with high compliance and governance standards. Read more about our compliance program.

Why Oktana: Performance

Based on a Time & Materials cost model, we enable you to see how many hours of work were completed at the end of a sprint, epic, or month by role to more accurately calculate ROI. We call it the Performance-to-Spend ROI.


If you’re not happy with that ROI metric, provide that feedback to your account manager so that we can work with that team member to improve or initiate a rotation.

To minimize any of our team members feeling they are on an island, we build your team in such a way that they will have the support they need.


We encourage you to treat our team as you would treat your own employees to build a strong connection to your business, just as we make efforts to ensure each team member knows they are what makes Oktana special. We are committed to our team and they are treated with respect and care, which carries over to your organization.


In the event someone is not happy, we will work with you to improve dynamics or to initiate a rotation.

We invest in continuous growth. Our team members complete extensive onboarding training to meet our standards, which customers should trust, and this continues as their career grows with us.


Our training team works with each team member to guide a path that enables them to excel on your project and mature in their field while our resourcing team ensures team members move to projects that support their career growth.


If there are specific technologies you’d like your team to learn, we can integrate that into our training curriculum.

Have a project in mind? We have a team ready to discuss your business goals and technology needs. Let us help you achieve real results.

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