QA Test Automation for US Fintech Company

In the fast-paced US fintech sector, our customer, a leading medical equipment financing provider, partnered with us to enhance their collaborative and credit application platforms. Leveraging our QA expertise, we streamlined a transformative automated testing process with 108 tailored test cases, accelerating development speeds and positioning our partner for success in the competitive fintech landscape.

This US fintech entity specializes in delivering customized financing solutions for medical equipment. It consistently meets the needs of healthcare professionals, including doctors and dentists. Serving as a direct lender, it provides crucial financial support to manufacturers and medical facilities looking to invest significantly in cutting-edge medical technologies.


They needed to establish a robust automated testing process to address persistent bugs and implement enhancements across their two principal platforms. The first platform serves as an experienced site enabling collaborative application creation, while the second streamlines document compilation and enhances customer interaction in the credit application process through digitalization. 

Solution: Boosting efficiency with QA processes & test cases

Our collaboration began with our customer’s need to establish a formal QA process and implement thorough test cases. Leveraging our expertise, we introduced industry-standard practices for the software development life cycle, significantly enhancing teamwork within their engineering department. Witnessing a remarkable transformation, they shifted from initial uncertainty about testing to confidently relying on our QA specialist for these pivotal tasks, ensuring high product quality.

We developed and implemented 108 automated test cases tailored to our customer’s specific requirements, alongside an additional 55 designed for their end users. Additionally, our team conducted daily regression testing in staging environments, followed by partial regression tests post-deployment, combining both manual and automated testing methods. Our customer can swiftly identify and address issues, thanks to the immediate detection facilitated by our robust testing processes.

With a dedicated team of one QA engineer and one senior engineer, we followed a ScrumBan methodology,  adeptly navigating ambiguity and devising solutions for open-ended scenarios based on high-level requests outlined by business requirements and the Product Owner.

Technologies in use include Apex, Lightning Web Components, Javascript, HTML, Experience Cloud, and TestRigor.


Our team successfully implemented an automated QA process, introduced best practices for quality assurance, and optimized time management to detect bugs promptly. This led to accelerated development speeds across both applications, which is crucial for achieving business and operational success. As a dedicated staff augmentation team, we seamlessly integrate with our customers’ operations and have strong collaboration and alignment.

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