Enhancing a top employment review platform’s experience

We collaborated with the leading employment review site to enhance their web and mobile applications, ensuring an optimal user experience and seamless functionality. 

With over 100 million company reviews, salaries, and interview insights from employees, it helps over 60 million job seekers make informed career decisions monthly.

Challenge: Streamlining and upgrading web and mobile apps

Our customer needed to optimize and automate processes for their web and mobile applications by speeding up the website, upgrading front-end and back-end technologies, adding new features, and rebranding app sections. They also required an automation framework for the mobile application to streamline and expand the manual testing process.

Solution: Ongoing Staff Augmentation for Development & Testing

Since 2022, our team has provided staff augmentation, collaborated on front-end and back-end migration, added features, planned epics, refactored code, and set up an automation framework to streamline testing.

Web development

Our customer’s web front end was composed of micro front ends, with each page functioning as an independent app connected to microservices on the back end. Our team migrated all pages to React, refactored code to maintain DRY principles and implemented unit testing and bug reporting. On the back end, we transformed a monolithic service into smaller, more maintainable microservices.

Other tasks included: 

  • Code extraction to shared libraries.
  • Collaboration in generating components for a design system.
  • Refactors to improve performance (decrease bundle size, improve code run times, etc.) and maintainability.
  • Collaboration for internal analytics tools.
  • Development of components with A/B testing, segmenting by domain, by number of users, by page.
  • Extraction of components with data reused in several apps.
  • Development of analytics automation for mobile and web.
  • Automation dashboard development.
  • Collaboration with improvement ideas for development and automation processes.
  • Development of new components and new pages.
  • Manual testing support for mobile releases.

Mobile development 

We enhanced the mobile app’s quality by expanding test coverage and optimizing team processes. We built an automation framework from scratch, generating daily test reports to maintain high performance and reliability standards.

Technologies used:


Our full-stack services collaboration with our partner has significantly improved their web and mobile applications. We updated the front-end and back-end technologies to enhance performance and flexibility, making it easier to implement new features and streamline the rebranding process. Leveraging technologies like GraphQL, Spring Boot, React, and Appium, our partnership exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and empowering clients digitally.

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