We’re strategic partners that will help you identify and define which innovations are necessary to achieve your company’s goals sooner and more effectively.

From a project management perspective, we are an Agile team that can help you manage projects effectively all the way through to delivery. Our iterative Scrum approach enables us to gather feedback at a faster pace and move more quickly. 

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We can help you from ideation to production

With over 8 years of experience in project based delivery, we can help you in every step of the project development lifecycle with the appropriate level of engagement.

We can build AppExchange apps

Our highly-skilled technical team has vast experience with the entire lifecycle of AppExchange App Development. Over the years, we have developed and published a number of AppExchange apps and components. We can help transform your idea for an app into reality.


Salesforce Products

We are Salesforce Experience Cloud experts. We can help you build a unified, global customer service experience and community portal solution for your business. Empower your customers to build valuable relationships and work more efficiently by integrating workflows and better managing agents’ time.

Sales Cloud is the ultimate scalable solution to provide a 360-degree view of your business and increase sales. Scale your pipeline, sales velocity and growth with rich visibility into your current customers and prospects. We can help optimize or fully implement a custom Sales Cloud solution to aid in your digital transformation.

As MuleSoft partners, we can help you build an all-in-one experience by connecting, managing, and building APIs according to your needs and standards. MuleSoft can help you broaden your API network. 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer-centric relationship building software to enable you to personalize and automate customer interactions. Our team of consultants can help you transform your support organization by building a powerful, time-saving solution to empower customers on any channel at any time.

Heroku allows you to build complex consumer solutions and consume large amounts of data. Its Postgres database enables developers to build, manage and scale apps quickly. We can help you build anything on this powerful platform and even integrate it with Salesforce to create a personalized experience for your customers.

Though we see Salesforce as a business-friendly database, we are also adept at working with relational and object-oriented databases including MySQL, NoSQL, SQL and Heroku Postgres.

Embrace data science, and empower your data professionals teams with predictions and recommendations. Our team can help you create trusted, predictive Machine Learning models—without writing a single line of code.

Our Project Delivery Solutions Include

Custom Communities

 Build beautiful and faster CRM-powered communities with Experience Cloud. You’ll have a personalized digital space that empowers you to build not only communities but stronger bonds with customers, partners, or employees.

Build APIs, manage API users, and integrate systems with other software quickly and efficiently. As a member of the MuleSoft Partner Program, Oktana can help you implement and leverage this powerful platform.

Create and launch unique training portals to enable millions of learners. We can help you fully create your training platform, from graphic design to UI/UX design and all front-end and back-end development.


As your business changes, so do your data needs. Our team can advise, plan, and execute a successful Salesforce migration. Our developers are ready to minimize downtime during migration, remove duplicate and inconsistent data, and much more. 

Web App Development & Integrations

Our technical team can provide custom development to build any internal app on Salesforce (Classic or Lightning). We can also adjust your existing app to meet Salesforce AppExchange security requirements or build you a new one from scratch.

We can help you create and launch unique high tech demos, showcasing the technical capabilities behind their products. As demo specialists, our team has built 90+ demos, exhibiting technologies such as Einstein AI, Heroku, data analytics, as well as financial technologies. 

Build a unified, global customer service experience and community portal solution for your business with Service and Experience Cloud. Empower your customers to build valuable relationships and work more efficiently by integrating workflows and better managing agents’ time.

We're Development Experts

Our developers bring not only Salesforce talent, but skills in modern development frameworks, languages, and protocols, including:

Trust and Security

Oktana values trust and manages a compliance program that carefully considers data protection matters, with both physical and remote considerations. With access to onshore resources, we have the ability to meet compliance requirements from specific industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, and U.S. Public Sector.

We have a trusted team, committed to the security of our business and yours

Have a project in mind? We have a team ready to discuss your business goals and technology needs. Let us help you achieve real results.

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