ICIX .Net to Salesforce AppExchange Migration

ICIX is a product lifecycle app that supplies retail companies with a set of tools designed to help retailers effectively and efficiently manage risk across their supply network. ICIX also provides the tools to help enable customers to properly audit all of their manufactured products to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.


Need: .Net to Salesforce Appechange App Migration

ICIX’s goal is to make communications easier for all parties involved in the retail supply chain through a system built on top of a CRM platform to enable management of tasks, due dates, alerts, and other important operations. To do this seamlessly, ICIX chose to migrate its platform to Salesforce but needed help to properly optimize everything within the new environment. ICIX had begun to migrate from .NET to Salesforce with another Salesforce partner, but the process had not gone as smoothly as planned.



Oktana was brought on to help resolve the resultant issues and raise everything to higher standards. Oktana and ICIX worked together to develop solutions with two main objectives: improve core infrastructure, where all communication occurs, and improve product testing. Initially, we needed to map out how the migration had been originally attempted so that we could properly understand the changes we needed to smooth it out. We then began to refactor the code on Salesforce to resolve the identified issues.

As part of its migration, ICIX ported its database to Heroku. While the ICIX development team worked to maintain the database, we utilized the APIs they had built to connect this database to Salesforce for full integration. As ICIX’s primary product is a software package for Salesforce offered on the AppExchange, we also focused on developing a new front-end on Salesforce Lightning using Visualforce, Apex and Angular.

ICIX’s core development team for its AppExchange package is based in San Francisco which meant our teams worked within similar timezones and were able to communicate to manage a high level of collaboration throughout the project.

Oktana was also engaged as a QA Engineering partner for this project. Initially, we were to support the QA team but, as the project grew, it was decided Oktana would take the lead on QA. Our QA process was found to be more efficient and allowed the integration teams to get their work done more quickly.



As a result of us working with ICIX, the company in a position to work more efficiently going forward, in terms of both business and development. Thanks to the new platform they have been able to grow and serve much larger companies like Walmart.

Through working together Oktana has been about to support ICIX growth by providing new ideas and solutions to their problems. Oktana is currently engaged in ongoing support projects with ICIX as we both move forward together including app customization based on ICIX customer requests.

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