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Opened in 2019, our office in Lima, Peru continues to grow. A generous overlap with US timezones, fun-loving culture and access to talent with great international experience led us here. We are seeking a wide-range of talent eager to learn more about Salesforce technologies including developers with skills ranging from Node.js to iOS, quality engineers, designers and business analysts.


In addition to paid time off, we provide access to health insurance, a retirement plan and English class. We will also work with you to develop a training plan to grow your career with an expanding technology stack, Salesforce.

Office & Remote

We are remote-first, but we also provide a physical office in Magdalena where you will start your first day and be able to enjoy a coffee with your teammates any time.


Based on your growth plan, we provide access to training and certification on Salesforce and other technologies as you continue to grow your career with Oktana.


Each project you’ll join a diverse team and gain exposure to global perspective, technologists dedicated to their craft and customers just as passionate about your work.

We are hiring

Direct IT operations including internal tool development and security. Manage team, drive system enhancements for seamless global project collaboration. On-site role emphasizing efficient and secure hardware-to-software workflows.
Unlock new possibilities by joining our team as a "Head of People" with over 3 years of experience. Immerse yourself in dynamic and challenging international projects, leading the way in promoting our organizational culture. Make a lasting impact and be part of our vibrant team today!
Seeking skilled UX/UI Designers for exciting international projects. Collaborate with a global network of professionals and showcase your talent in a diverse and innovative work environment. Join us and showcase your talent!
Embark on a rewarding journey with our team as an IT Support professional, leveraging your 2 years of expertise. Engage in dynamic international projects that present exciting challenges and be a part of shaping history. Seize this opportunity to make a meaningful impact with us today
Are you a Senior Remote Databricks Developer with more than 5 years of experience? Join our team and contribute your theoretical and practical experience in software development in the development lifecycle.
Become part of our team as a Senior Snowflake Developer with 5 years of experience in this exciting opportunity! You'll develop dynamic and challenging international projects. Join our growing team today!
Join our team as a Salesforce Developer, leveraging 1-5+ years of experience to collaborate with global teams. Be at the forefront of groundbreaking projects, contributing to a future shaped by innovation and success.
Are you a Senior Golang Developer looking for new challenges? Join our team and work on dynamic and challenging international projects. Make your mark and be part of our team today.
Join our multicultural team as a senior SAP PLM developer and significantly contribute. With your experience and knowledge, you will be instrumental in delivering high-quality work and ensuring the success of our customers.
Excellent job opportunity: Join as a Senior React Native Developer with a strong command of React Native or React js and be part of our growing team. Tackle stimulating challenges for our clients in the U.S
Join as a remote SDR with advanced English proficiency based in Peru. Lead the projection and search for potential clients for our company alongside our high-performing team
We're searching for a remote Senior .NET Developer with over 5 years of development expertise. Join us to work on challenging international projects that push your skills to new heights.
Join our team today as a Senior Python Developer, and leverage your skills and experience to drive our customers towards their goals. Join our multicultural team, and be a part of a community that values diversity, creativity, and collaboration. Apply now.
Be part of our team as a dynamic Senior Ruby on Rails Developer, capable of building and sustaining positive relationships across many stakeholders in a fast-paced, global work environment while collaborating with teams in Latin America and the United States.
Take on the role of a 100% remote Senior Java Developer, engaging in dynamic international projects. Leverage your 5+ years of Java development experience, coupled with a solid foundation in code development theory and software development lifecycle expertise.
Come on board as a Senior Android developer with 5+ years of experience in Android development, using Kotlin, Core Android, Coroutines, Flow, and Android architecture, and collaborate on dynamic and challenging international projects.
Undertake a fulfilling role as a 100% remote Senior React developer, working in agile methodology in a fast-paced, global work environment.
Join our team as an experienced Node Developer who brings expertise in software development projects. Enjoy the flexibility of remote work while contributing to our innovative projects and growth opportunities.
Join our team on this exciting opportunity as a Senior iOS developer. You will work on dynamic and challenging international projects. Make an impact and be part of our dynamic team today!
Step into the role of a Workday Developer, where your exceptional skill set will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our projects, fostering innovation, and guaranteeing our ongoing triumph. Become part of our dynamic team and be a driving force for growth and excellence within our organization.