Custom Community for a Nonprofit Organization

Our customer is a nonprofit providing a community platform focused on empowering breast cancer patients with resources for diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, guiding patients along their journey. It facilitates connections between individual patients as well as providers and health organizations.

Custom Community for a Nonprofit Organization

Need: Custom Salesforce Community

The nonprofit needed a place where members of their community could access content, interact with other patients and invite friends and family to participate in their journey, all of which customized based on their personal profile, age, type, and stage of cancer of the patient.


We built a community solution on the Salesforce platform using Lightning Components, custom development with custom objects, and Apex.

The community consists of a website with a portal that allows community members to register and create a personal profile so relevant content is shown based on their unique needs. Salesforce offers products to enable the creation of profiles, however, given the complexity of this project and the number of parameters required, an out-of-the-box solution was unlikely to meet the project requirements. To enable the level of customization required, our team used Apex to create a custom option to allow community members to choose to fill out specific fields on their profiles.

Once the profile is created and confirmed, community members have the option to invite friends and family to participate in the community so they can see their recovery progress and contribute to the journey. Each community member has complete control of the information that can be shared with friends and family vs. what is only shared with doctors or volunteers.


This project was a success and has allowed us to maintain our partnership with the nonprofit. We are currently working on adding new features to the community, further integrating with products.

As of 2020, Oktana is a Partner. Check out our non-profit cloud certification blog article.

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