Complex Call Center Deployment With Global GSI Partner

Oktana worked alongside one of the world’s largest global systems integrators (GSIs) in a staff augmentation capacity to help their FinTech customer implement a complex call center CRM solution using Salesforce. 

Legacy System migration to Salesforce

This GSI’s FinTech customer is an outsourcing and purchasing company for microcredit, consumer, automotive, mortgage, payroll, and credit card portfolios, primarily engaging with clients through a call center to offer various payment plan options and perform collections. They were using an internally built call center CRM application, which was limiting call center agent productivity and was unable to scale to meet the client’s future plans for growth.  

Solution: Optimizing Call Center Operations with Salesforce Integration

To meet these challenges, Oktana built a new call center CRM solution implementing Financial Services Cloud (FSC) as the core data model, supported by the functionalities of Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Experience Cloud, with integrations to Wolkvox CTI and other required systems.

Key elements of the solution included:

  • Deployed Salesforce FSC, including Household data model, Life Events and CRM Analytics for FSC
  • Developed two custom affordability calculators for simulation and generation of payment agreements
  • Configured new collections process to calculate payment capacity, formalize payment agreements and initiate monitoring collections derived from payment agreements
  • Migrated the customer’s decision tree-based scoring system for phone calls into Salesforce using a data-driven approach and flows providing flexibility for future changes or extensions
  • Deployed Omnichannel functionality for phone, email, chat and WhatsApp to support collections and customer support agents in six countries, including Bot configuration of WhatsApp Business
  • Configured Einstein Bots to handle conversations through the configured messaging channels to enable automated simple message responses and routing complex conversations to an agent
  • Implemented Marketing Cloud for customer portfolio segmentation and targeted communication via email and SMS
  • Launched a self-service portal using Experience Cloud to give customers access to financial calculators, billing history, payment information, total debt forgiveness options, discount bonds and omnichannel support options
  • Integrated Salesforce to internal transactions system for debts & procedures and Wolkvox CTI predictive dialing launching three phone centers for incoming & outgoing calls from Omnichannel in Salesforce


Our Salesforce call center CRM solution delivered a powerful tool to this FinTech company that retired its legacy call center application.  As a result, we delivered a true 360-degree view of the customers and increased call center agent productivity by over 25% by integrating our Salesforce solution with Wolkvox CTI for predictive dialing and other client systems so data could be quickly and seamlessly accessed within Salesforce. 

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