Salesforce Integration

Salesforce, when integrated with existing systems, enables companies to connect and leverage data of any kind, providing a 360-degree view.


With certifications across a wide range of Salesforce products, in addition to products like Informatica, we can help you connect any app or system to the Salesforce ecosystem.


Whether you need data migration into Salesforce or full integration with Salesforce technology, we have certified developers to provide this service.


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Custom Configuration

We can customize your Salesforce configuration to implement complex processes, workflows, roles, reporting and anything else your business requires across any cloud.

Data Migration

We can help with org-to-org Salesforce migration or data migration from your existing database environment. If you prefer to use Informatica for your Salesforce data migration, we have several members of our team certified in this technology.

Einstein Analytics

The Einstein Analytics product suite is ever-expanding, but our team is experienced in integrating the latest. Whether you need AI-powered sales or service solutions, or want to integrate Einstein Voice, we can help.


We’ve worked to implement MuleSoft solutions since it was first acquired by Salesforce and we are experts at customizing and integrating the newest of its offering, Anypoint API Community Manager.


If you’re looking for a partner to help you integrate an app with the Salesforce AppExchange, we’ve built and managed several including one of our own, Tok.

Migrate your system to Salesforce

As your business changes, so do your data needs. Our team can advise, plan, and execute a successful Salesforce migration. Our developers are ready to minimize downtime during the migration process, remove duplicate and inconsistent data, and much more. 


The Oktana team has helped global companies across multiple industries build apps and cross-cloud integrations with a variety of complex languages and frameworks. Our developers have worked with different technologies such as Anypoint Platform, Quip, REST APIs, and SOAP APIs.

Check out some of the technologies our experts use.

Check out some of

the technologies our experts use.

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