Lightning Migration for US Grocery Delivery Company 

Our customer is a groceries delivery company with a mission to reduce food waste while building a better food system for everyone.

Our customer is a groceries delivery company with a mission to reduce food waste while building a better food system for everyone.


Our customer identified that their Salesforce org was outdated and didn’t fully align with their updated business model. Additionally, they needed to improve and automate part of their data entry and some business processes to more efficiently leverage their resources. Therefore, our main tasks were to provide business analysis, development, and delivery management.


Solution: Lightning Migration, Process Automation, and Business Analysis

Our team worked on improving and automating data entry with validation rules, triggers, and JavaScript code, maximizing resource efficiency and business processes. Additionally, we improved the user experience by migrating from Aura to Lightning, leveraging both validation rules and Apex triggers.

Last but not least, we redesigned their entire Salesforce community (UI/UX).


Our approach

New processes were introduced to improve their functionality using the full Salesforce range of technologies. In addition to building the lightning web components, our team created process builders, triggers, and workflows to update certain fields. New sections and customized objects were also added to better handle their data management.

Our goal was to simplify their tasks. Some of these included:

  • Modifying triggers to automate sales record entry, which allows them to speed up their process by eliminating a manual step. This removed redundant manual work and freed up time and resources.
  • Building a new process using ‘Process Builder’ to communicate directly with buyers and farmers. This trigger automated the process of creating records, eliminating the need for manual entry. This automation informs the farmer if they need to register their marketplace information and add the delivery cost so it can be taken into account, speeding up countless interactions.
  • Editing data in bulk. Thanks to our Lightning web components, they can now edit information directly inside the records without having to switch between individual spreadsheets one by one.


Our customer leveraged their new and improved workspace by reducing time and increasing productivity in return. Both ‘request deployment’ and ‘bug-free deployment’ are now marks of their enhanced new system. These migrations and customizations have boosted this customer’s day-to-day movements and output.


“Oktana is very professional and goes above and beyond to make the partnership a success. For example, they took initiative and suggested documenting releases and how we use our Salesforce account. They are now maintaining this documentation for us. As our business needs change, they have adapted resources on the team, like bringing on a Business Systems Analyst to help where our internal resources were light for project management. The team is a joy to work with and has earned our trust in maintaining and developing what is a key component to our business operations.” D.C, Group Product Manager