Optimized and Secure Access: Installing and Configuring MuleSoft’s API Community Manager

Our customer, a multi-billion dollar public multinational corporation based in San Francisco, California, aimed to enhance its internal API accessibility. By collaborating with the MuleSoft team, we successfully developed a robust developer API portal, streamlining internal processes and reinforcing custom access controls to meet specific business needs.

mulesoft acm implementation

The company, which produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data via a web-style interface, needed to create and implement a developer API portal tailored for internal users. The goal was to ensure secure and customized access control, enabling only certain business teams to access specific APIs. Additionally, the project required a unique content management system (CMS), views to align with their branding, and a single sign-on (SSO) integration via Okta.

Solution: MuleSoft ACM Implementation

Working alongside the MuleSoft team, we implemented MuleSoft ACM (a developer-facing API portal) for their internal users with custom sharing and visibility.

They wanted custom access control so only users of certain business teams could access specific APIs. Additionally, we worked on custom CMS requirements and custom CMS views to apply their branding and a custom single sign-on (SSO) via Okta.

Key aspects of the solution included:

Custom Access Control. We designed custom access controls to restrict API access to specific business teams, ensuring secure and appropriate usage.

Custom CMS Requirements. Our team developed custom CMS views to reflect the company’s branding, enhancing user experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO) via Okta. We integrated a custom SSO solution using Okta, simplifying user authentication and access.

ServiceNow Integration. This integration enabled users to report incidents related to API functionality, streamlining issue resolution.

Jira Integration. By incorporating Jira, users could filter incidents by priority status, improving project management and response times.

Salesforce Integration. Leveraging Salesforce features like Apex, custom cases, objects, labels, process builder, flows, public groups, Salesforce Aura Components, and Salesforce Communities, we developed an API that utilized Salesforce CMS for enhanced functionality.


After successfully configuring MuleSoft ACM, our team continued to provide staff augmentation services for maintenance, ongoing partnership with the multinational corporation and Salesforce.

The project has significantly improved internal API accessibility and management, driving operational efficiency and supporting the company’s growth.

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