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Since 2014, and in addition to our world-class project delivery work, Oktana has provided bespoke teams to our clients in order to continue to deliver world-class solutions. Our commitment to service delivery between projects and augmentation has led clients to stay with us on average for 4+ years. 


Our unique performance-based model, Tactical Performance Augmentation (TPA), is a transformative approach to IT staff augmentation. It’s been designed to solve the challenges of traditional IT staff augmentation models, such as slow provisioning of resources, lack of transparency in billing, and inflexible length-of-service contracts.

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Based on our TPA model, Oktana Direct will help you build a team with the right composition of developers, quality engineers, UI/UX designers and scrum masters for your needs. We don’t force you into a team size or engagement model that requires you to change anything within your SDLC. We tactfully enhance your existing organization to help you execute on your mission-critical priorities.


Our developers bring not only Salesforce talent, but skills in modern development frameworks, languages, and protocols, including:

Why Oktana Direct?

At our core, we focus on flexibility, transparency, and client-first delivery.

Tactical Performance Augmentation allows you to build very specific and focused teams with exactly the right number of people with the right skills. 


This is the “Tactical” part of TPA and provides maximum flexibility to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. The exact team size, with the exact skills, with the ability to scale up and down according to the needs of YOUR business. In addition, where as most firms doing “staff augmentation” provide you with resources that you completely manage, with Oktana Direct, every team has a part or full-time SCRUM Master to ensure we’re not only meeting your goals, but doing it at Oktana’s high level of quality.


After our initial evaluation of the market, we quickly realized the leading concern across a majority of IT organizations was the lack of transparent, performance-based services available (especially within the nearshore space). We came to the conclusion that these IT orgs were in dire need of vendors who continued to earn their customers’ work by being able to consistently showcase their measurable success, from an ROI perspective. 


That’s the reason behind our signature ‘True Time & Materials Cost Model’. With Oktana Direct, you can measure our “performance-to-spend ROI” with greater ease than with any other staff augmentation service available in the market.”


This is the “Performance” part of TPA, providing you with a transparent view of your ROI. We continuously work to earn your business. The TPA model, and our implementation of it, goes one step further to address many of the modern challenges in IT staff augmentation.


Time Zones

We provide nearshore and onshore resources. With locations throughout the Americas, we provide resources with a generous overlap across shared time zones.


With onshore resources in addition to nearshore resources, and SOC 2 certification, Oktana is a natural fit for organizations with high compliance and governance standards. Read more about our compliance program.

Month-to-Month Contracts

We know your needs change. Again, this goes back to flexibility. Set the end date in advance, or simply give us 45 days notice when you want to roll one resource, or the whole team, down.

Language & Culture

Our team speaks English, whether native or in addition to Spanish. Though each country has its own unique culture, many of the cultural norms throughout the Americas are shared, or complementary, which makes working as one team a smooth, and fun, experience.



Based on a Time & Materials cost model, we enable you to see how many hours of work got done at the end of a sprint, epic or month, versus how much we invoiced you for that resource, to more accurately calculate velocity. We call it the “Performance-to-Spend ROI”. If you’re not happy with that ROI metric, simply give notice that you would like to transition a specific team member off your project.


To minimize any of our team members feeling they are on an island, isolated, we build your team in such a way that they will have the support they need. We encourage our customers to treat them as they would treat their own employees to build a connection to their business, just as we make efforts to ensure everyone knows they are what makes Oktana special. We are committed to our team and they are treated with respect and care which carries over to your organization.

Career Growth

We invest in our team’s continuous growth. Our team members complete extensive onboarding training to meet our standards, which customers should trust, and this continues as their career grows with us. Our training team works with each team member to guide a path that enables them to excel on your project and mature in their field while our resourcing team ensures team members move to projects that support their career growth.

Customize your Team

Based on your business needs, we can customize the package to fit. Having access to a team holding 600+ Salesforce certifications with deep experience in custom development across the Salesforce Customer 360 platform (including Heroku and MuleSoft), empowers you to structure your team with the number of developers, quality engineers, UI/UX designers and scrum masters your organization needs.


It’s on us as your partner to keep performing to earn your business. We give you the model, tools and process to measure our efficacy against other vendors in your portfolio – or against your own team – to make sure that it makes sense to continue to pay for our service.

Our Extension Customers...

Our vendor Oktana worked effectively and efficiently to deliver a high-quality ACM product on time. They were great to work with and did a great job collaborating with my project team.” 


IT Associate Project Manager Senior, Fintech Company, September 2022

“At Oktana, we’re not only Salesforce experts with over 600 certifications, we’re your full-stack nearshore development partner. Our experience working with clients ranging from Enterprise to startups allows us to leverage our technical diversity as a core part of our success. Clients like Sony Playstation and others have stayed with us for years because of our team’s knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, our transparency.”


John Jensen

VP Managed Services at Oktana

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