Global Support Platform for Digital Entertainment Company

A Fortune 500 digital entertainment company saw an opportunity to integrate Service Cloud and Experience Cloud to improve customer self-service. They also wanted to automate their software delivery for an even faster response to changing business needs of the future.

Fortune 500 digital entertainment company

Challenge: Consolidating Quality Support Worldwide into One Centralized Solution

Our partner identified a need to consolidate their global services platforms into one centralized solution, making it easier to manage customer interfaces under their existing platform teams – reducing the total number needed.


Solution: Highly Customized Service Cloud and Experience Cloud Integration

For troubleshooting and logging of hardware in their Service Cloud and Experience Cloud, a better integration was required in order to provide quality support worldwide while reducing their number of agent requests.

Processes from out-of-the-box services didn’t fully align with our customer’s processes, requiring customization to meet their service goals.


Our Approach

Using a combination of flows, Visualforce, and Lightning web components – we were able to improve customer self-service, and more easily manage case categorization and processing.

The original software development model that our client had, didn’t support high-speed development. The Oktana team worked closely to integrate automated testing, build, and delivery processes.

Due to the complexity of this project, Oktana is currently engaged in an ongoing and long-term relationship with this customer. To date, we have implemented:

  • A cross-cloud integration to enable agent troubleshooting and logging of hardware and software support cases.
  • Easier case categorization, processing, and management using a combination of flows, Visualforce, and Lightning web components.
  • Improved testing, build, and delivery processes to enable high-speed development.
  • DevOps and test automation using Salesforce CLI, SFDX, Dataloader, Selenium, Robot Framework, Jenkins, Slack, and a collection of additional plugins.


This tighter integration between Service Cloud and Experience Cloud has helped to reduce the number of support requests directed to agents. The team was able to accelerate software development, delivering 5x the development work.

The customer’s expectations were not only met, but exceeded, and we continue to have an ongoing relationship providing development services for our partner.


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