Salesforce for FINTECH

The priorities of financial institutions have shifted considerably over the past year, with such innovation and digital transformation now at the center of everything.

Today, technologies like Salesforce set a solid foundation by making processes easier and more efficient, reducing errors, improving communication, and changing how customers interact. Our team specializes in building custom apps that integrate with the Salesforce platform (including Tableau CRM, Heroku, and MuleSoft).

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What our Fintech Services Customers Say

“We had a great experience with Oktana. The team assembled quickly and went to work. Oktana met all scheduled deadlines and, in many, finished ahead of the deadline. Our assigned team was knowledgeable in Salesforce professional.” 


Information Technology Director, Financial Services Company, June 2021

We Understand the Fintech Industry

Over the years, our team has earned more than 550+ Salesforce Certifications, and we have helped many financial services companies migrate their systems to Salesforce, develop custom apps that integrate with Salesforce, and manage their APIs and developer communities using MuleSoft.

With a diverse team located across the Americas, we have the flexibility to match your teams in time zone, culture, and language (Spanish/English). And with our team based in West Virginia, we’re positioned to support even your most secure onshore US projects.

Salesforce Fintech Services Solutions

Migrate your system to Salesforce

As your business changes, so do your data needs. Our team can advise, plan, and execute a successful Salesforce migration. Our developers are ready to minimize downtime during the migration process, remove duplicate and inconsistent data, and much more. 

Financial Services Cloud

This integrated platform is designed to drive stronger customer relationships. With an enhanced set of productivity and engagement features, this platform allows you to spend less time gathering customer information and more time providing holistic, goal-based advice that puts your customer at the center of everything.

Salesforce integrations

We can help you integrate Salesforce with anything (Tableau, Einstein Analytics, MuleSoft Anypoint API Community Manager, Heroku, and more). That way, reach your full potential and create more collaborative ecosystems to build greater digital customer experiences. We have experience with everything from complex data migrations to building personalized user experiences based on your customer data in Salesforce. 


We are certified, MuleSoft partners. One of the biggest advantages of the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is its unmatched ability to provide exceptional business agility by connecting devices, data, and applications, both in the cloud and on-premises. Our team has achieved enhanced communications, providing a more personalized experience, reduced fragmented and redundant integrations, and much more.

Trust and Security

Oktana values trust and manages a compliance program that carefully considers data protection matters, with both physical and remote considerations. With access to onshore resources, we have the ability to meet compliance requirements in specific industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, and U.S. Public Sector.


We have a trusted team, committed to the security of our business and yours.

Our Success with the Fintech Services Industry