Nonprofit, higher education and public sector organizations face more challenges, and it’s essential to have a centralized system that can help them run the organization well. At Oktana, we firmly believe that the best technologies put people first. Technology should help build and maintain trusted and lasting relationships with customers and donors by delivering the experiences they need during changing times.

Our mission is to get to know your organization and help you leverage cloud-based platforms. Our customized solutions will enable you, and your team, to connect people and organizations, engage participants and donors, distribute information, and measure the fulfillment of your mission. 

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We are a Pledge 1% Company

 Pledge 1%  is a global movement started by Salesforce that encourages companies to give back to their local communities and be a force for good. We understand the continuous challenges nonprofits face. Over the past several years, we have helped nonprofit organizations leverage technology, connect with their communities, and fuel their digital transformation.

We Understand the Nonprofit Industry

As a partner, our team is ready to support you. We are always seeking the latest technologies, like MuleSoft. MuleSoft gives your organization the technology and guidance they need to build their own application network — enabling them to speed up project delivery, as well as  securing and managing access with ease – all while doing more, faster and better.

Grow relationships

We’ve helped nonprofit organizations do everything from build full apps to create unique and personalized journeys for custom communities. Created omnichannel experiences to engage with donors, volunteers, and members. All to better communicate your mission and inspire your supporters.

Operate efficiently

Transform your legacy technology solutions with a single source of truth to capture a complete view of the communities you serve. Our Salesforce experts help you enhance processes, enabling your team to remove barriers to reach success.

Reinvent fundraising

Fundraising will always be one of the main challenges for nonprofit organizations. We bring your organization full visibility of your donors and their giving history. Improve gift-giving and payment processing, while streamlining the grant management process.

Salesforce integration

We integrate Salesforce with anything (Tableau, Einstein Analytics, MuleSoft Anypoint API Community Manager, Heroku, and many others) to help reach your full potential and create more collaborative ecosystems. 

Salesforce for Higher Education

Salesforce enables higher education institutions to digitalize their journey by building a centralized solution for their needs. Our team of cross-cloud experts can help you build seamless Salesforce integrations to develop scalable strategies and provide continuous support, all so you can reach your institutional goals faster.

Success Stories

Challenge: Our customer wanted to use Salesforce as a tool to manage patient data. It needed to follow compliance requirements and allow the FDA to evaluate the data.


Solution: We built an application on the Salesforce Platform to onboard new patients into the trials, manage their treatments and track their progress. The implementation followed HIPAA compliance guidelines.


Results: The implementation is now a highly flexible solution that enables our customer to track patient data and provide them with the appropriate treatments more rapidly and efficiently.

Challenge: Our customer is working with a medical institute to implement a comprehensive unit-based safety program focused on the prevention of antibiotic resistance across case settings at US hospitals and healthcare clinics.


Solution: Our team helped integrate their voluntary research reporting process and document management with Salesforce and Sales Cloud.


Results: By expanding on data capture abilities and process automation, this organization is able to fully manage research registration and process monitoring directly through Salesforce.

Salesforce for Public Sector

Today’s citizens expect a smarter government experience. With Salesforce Customer 360 platform, our onshore and nearshore team of experts can help you accelerate innovation and time-to-value. Public sector organizations can now collaborate more efficiently, increase transparency, and provide more support rapidly than ever before.

Success Stories

Challenge: Centralize API management and communication for faster onboarding and updating of their development teams.
Solution: We built an internal developer community using MuleSoft API Community Manager and Experience Cloud. Due to federal security and compliance restrictions we provided an onshore team.
Results: The developer community portal is now live for internal developers and external partners who need aeronautical or aviation data. Our team continues to work on additional customizations and ongoing maintenance.

Challenge: Their main goal was to give citizens access to the data and services they needed in order to provide better services. For this they needed to integrate data across dozens of agencies by using APIs.


Solution: This implementation, included creating a public facing portal where users need to register in order to access the required data. We built this community using MuleSoft API Community Manager and Experience Cloud. 


Results: The developer community portal reduced manual processing by integrating across federal and state systems to determine eligibility in real-time.

What our Customers Say

“This is a fantastic partner. Knows not only salesforce technologies – Salesforce, Heroku, to name just a few, but excels at modern front-end as well. Has a variety of levels – from junior to architect to fit your project’s specific needs”


Senior DirectorHigh tech Company, January 2022

Trust and Compliance

Oktana values trust and manage a compliance program that carefully considers data protection matters, with both physical and remote considerations. With access to onshore resources, we have the ability to meet compliance requirements in specific industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, and U.S. Public Sector.


We understand HIPAA compliance and hold a SOC2 certification.

We are a team committed to the security of our business and yours. 


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