Oktana YouTube: Embed & Share Videos in Salesforce

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. That’s why we are proud to announce Oktana YouTube, our newest Lightning Web Component for Salesforce


Videos can be a strategic ally when it comes to communicating complex and important messages. Think about training the team on that new app you just purchased to increase sales productivity or that anniversary message from the CEO that cheers everyone up. Both are messages that need to be understood clearly and that have a greater impact when they feel more personal. Oktana YouTube makes your life easier by creating a place in your Salesforce org to embed and share YouTube videos to communicate with your team. 


Oktana YouTube


No code needed: Oktana YouTube is all about simplicity

Oktana Youtube is based on the Lightning Web Component technology. It is easy for Salesforce admins to install it from the AppExchange and to enable it on any Salesforce page. Drag and drop the component and you will be all set.

Alexis M. – Developer @Oktana Peru

Simplicity is at the core of Lightning Web Components and Oktana YouTube is no exception. Installing it from the AppExchange takes three (3!) clicks. Once the component is installed, you just enable it on the Salesforce page of your preference. The Lightning App Builder makes this easy for you. Drag the component and drop it wherever you prefer. As you can see, no coding skills are required to add Oktana YouTube to your org.


Admins have full control

As an admin, you get to decide whether to embed a corporate video for all of your users or let them decide what to watch according to their needs. That’s up to you. If you need them to watch a specific video (let’s say a tutorial, a demo, or a message from the team lead), paste the YouTube ID in and you are all set. If you prefer them to be able to search, just leave the YouTube ID blank.


Oktana YouTube means flexible layout

As you create a new page in Salesforce, you also decide where to place your components. We recommend the upper right corner as the best spot, but you can move it according to your needs. Oktana YouTube also allows you to adjust the title and the height to fit your expectations. Good enough? You get the same flexibility on desktop and mobile. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always watch your embedded videos. 


Oktana YouTube


Search videos

As a Salesforce admin, you can allow your users to search YouTube videos from within your org. How does this work? Exactly as YouTube does. Enter keywords and the Lightning Web Component will retrieve related videos. Every user has their own viewing history stored, making it easier to locate previously watched videos. And you can always clear your search history with a simple click. 

Oktana YouTube is useful for everyone because it provides YouTube functionality in an intuitive way. If the admin allows it, users can visualize, share, and search any video they need. Anyone can use Oktana YouTube with other components in the same panel/screen. This way, users can access important videos without leaving Salesforce. 

Juan C. – QA Analyst @ Oktana Peru

All of this functionality makes Oktana YouTube a useful component you should definitely try. We leverage the YouTube API to embed and share tutorials, demos, or any other important message to your team right in your org. 

Install Oktana YouTube and give yourself another channel for your internal communication strategy. At Oktana, we care about your efficiency and experience in Salesforce, so if you think this is a good match for your company, install the Oktana YouTube Lightning Web Component for free from the AppExchange.

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Communication Compliance: The Benefits of Salesforce Chatter

Even though the concept of compliance was born in the financial field, it is now a consideration across numerous industries and has impacted many aspects of our lives. Communication is, of course, a common need across the board. The way we communicate in our companies impacts our ability to meet compliance standards. We apply this mindset when working with all of our customers, like this spirits distributor that needed to create a platform to break barriers and enable their 18,000 employees to collaborate more effectively. 

Managing conversations properly (and the data those conversations produce), is as important as the compliance standards involved in those processes. If you are a Salesforce partner or use Salesforce in your company, you are one step ahead. With a secure platform, you can enhance your internal and external communication strategy and then, meet your compliance standards. Marc Benioff, CEO, and Chairman of Salesforce says: 

“Customers trust us to make them successful, deliver unwavering security, reliability, performance and compliance.” 

Compliance and trust through messaging

Notice that Marc Benioff includes Compliance in his perspective on how to conduct business and approach customers. Trust is Salesforce’s number one value. This vision ensures two crucial benefits for any business. First, every product designed by Salesforce is intended to create reliable relations with customers. It’s not only about sales, it’s about relationships. And second, all of your data is stored and archived safely, so you can access it any time for compliance purposes. 

Chatter, the Salesforce messaging platform for business, also follows compliance regulations to ensure your data and activity are safe. According to Bloomberg Vault, Chatter is also a social media platform, so “it is subject to the same set of regulatory requirements as any other form of social media”. We have helped many customers enhance their communication platforms; these experiences have taught us many good practices to communicate and comply efficiently. 

1. Keep all your data archived in Salesforce

First, what is the golden rule we need to take into consideration? Archive everything! Make sure you archive all your conversations or posts in your org. It is recommended you preserve this data for e-discovery purposes for a period of time defined by various retention requirements. Some day, you may be required to hand over this information for corporate internal audits or even legal or governmental requests. For more information about this, you may want to go over our other article as a starting point: Financial Compliance: Which Agencies?.

2. Make Chatter part of everything

Also remember, as you are using Chatter, you are creating or linking many items related to confidential information such as records, accounts, cases, and more. This information already lives in your Salesforce org, so you’re not moving data to external systems. With everything connected, Chatter and Salesforce remain the center of your workflow, helping you manage compliance more consistently.

3. Involve every employee

Compliance in communication involves employees. Why? Hackers are targeting them. Make sure you train your employees to move all important conversations to Chatter. Email opens the possibility that an employee may respond to a phishing attack, exposing protected data. If you maintain all-important internal conversations in Chatter, you are better able to ensure their safety. You can see in this article why you should be interested in maintaining your employees as security allies.

4. Choose the best team messaging tool

At Oktana, we are committed to compliance and we took it seriously when we built Tok. Tok is a real-time messaging app that boosts Chatter capabilities while also encouraging a great company culture with casual conversation. Because Tok leverages Chatter as its base, it takes advantage of the Salesforce platform to better enable your company to meet compliance standards. While collaborating, you can be confident any data shared on Tok is stored safely according to the compliance standards you’ve set for your Salesforce org. 

So, let trust lead the path to better compliance practices and communication management across your company. Remember, the online world brings many resources to make businesses go faster. However, it has also become a common target for cyber attacks. Take the time to set a strong compliance strategy and keep updated on the regulations that impact your business.

Tok 30 day trial Financial Compliance
Communication Compliance - Tok

How to optimize collaboration for remote teams

We all take collaboration seriously. We work together in our offices, for school, with our families, and with our friends. Collaboration isn’t new to any of us. We’re all coordinating things so we can achieve goals together, as a team. The portal opensorce.com defines collaboration success as:

“The success of any collaboration rests on how well the collaborators negotiate their needs to create the shared objective, and then how well they cooperate and coordinate their resources to execute a plan to reach their goals.”

Heidi Hess von Ludewig

For many of us, the global pandemic has abruptly shifted how we collaborate. With most of us working remotely, you can’t easily stop by your coworker’s desk anymore. The good news is, the basics of collaboration remain the same. There are some changes you can make so you and your teammates can stay productive and keep workflows as lean and effective as they were before. Some companies, like us here at Oktana, have been collaborating both physically and virtually for years and we have learned some tips that may be of use to you.

1. It begins with onboarding

The first touchpoint has never been as important as it is today. A proper onboarding process will determine how conscientious your new co-workers and employees will be about how collaboration works for your company. If you are a team leader who is acquiring new talent, make sure they’re clear on which goals they need to pursue and how they will assist your overall team. Partner with Human Resources to establish this process. Objectives, tools, software, and brand guidelines are some of the topics you should consider. Make sure your talent gets to know the team and key partners. That will make it easier for them to collaborate effectively. Bryn W. shares his perspective:

“I think a big part of optimizing collaboration in remote teams is making sure that everyone in the team feels comfortable approaching one another. It’s important to let people know when you need help. If people are too afraid to ask for help, then they will remain stuck on something and slow the team down as a result. Introducing teammates to one another through social events, Meet the Teams, group conversations, etc. can go a long way to making new members feel comfortable.”

Bryn W. Staff Software Engineer at Oktana US

2. Sharing data is a must

Data comes from everywhere, especially nowadays when we are all connected around the globe. Companies create their own data, which is stored with high security and compliance levels. One detail we sometimes forget or take for granted is that data needs to be shared with everyone on the team. As remote workers, most of our data is stored in the cloud, making it much easier to grant access to anything your team needs. The easier it is for them to find relevant information, the more prepared they are to collaborate with you and others. Don’t miss this opportunity. The next time you work on a new dashboard, find a cutting-edge marketing article or create a new code, remember to share it with your team.

3. Adjust your process

You’ve been working for years. That expertise has turned you into a very talented professional and proof of it is in your process. You know, the way you get that work done. Everything was looking good, but then, the pandemic decided to take many of us out of our comfort zones. How do you adjust? Update your processes to reflect the new “normal.” People are working from home, so your meeting room is now replaced by video conferences and your partners are no longer just two steps away. It’s time to show your innovation skills and expertise. Schedule some time for your team to give thought to how you need to adjust to accomplish your goals and deliver the same (or more) value with the resources they have. Change won’t happen overnight though, so the sooner you take action, the better things will be for you and your team.

4. Communicate in real-time

Last but not least: communication is more important than ever. How do you collaborate while working remotely if you are not able to enjoy real-time communication just like you used to at the office? The answer is simple: speak digitally! There are so many messaging platforms that allow you to connect with your teammates. Take the time to find one that meets your needs. As a Salesforce partner, we use Tok for many reasons. We built it on the Salesforce platform (with their APIs) to give us the same level of data security as our Salesforce org. Tok helps us build culture, and most importantly for our team, it connects us to anyone in the company.

So keep collaborating across your company and adjusting to the new dynamic. At Oktana we’ve learned to balance the best from working remotely and onsite, so our productivity doesn’t decrease. If you like this article and want to dive into the Salesforce approach, Trailhead is the place! You can start with this module about Virtual Collaboration. If you want to learn more about our Tok app, we invite you to visit our website.

Collaboration - Tok Oktana
Collaboration - Tok Oktana

Innovation, an important tool for boosting business

The concept of innovation gained popularity in the business world in recent years. If you’re a business person or an entrepreneur who regularly follows talks, events, workshops, or internet content for getting some inspiration; you may be inspired by this idea. But what does innovation mean? Well, Michelle Greenwald, a Forbes contributor, mentioned that “Innovation is one of the most bandied about terms in global business today, but exactly what it means can be nebulous.”

We agree. Innovation is about approaching things in a different way. However, since disruption is part of this concept, every company or human can incorporate innovation into their real environment. Does it make things more difficult? Taking an innovative approach may be challenging initially, but it can be an advantage for growing your business.   

We also innovate the Oktana way. We like doing things differently. We apply innovation for our customers (such as the offline app we built for an energy company) and we innovate every time we release a new version of Tok. Coming up with new strategies, writing code, and taking actions are part of our daily work and they’re integrated into every single level of our company. Here are some strategies to boost your innovation.

1. It’s not about perfection

If you are looking for perfection, we’re sorry to say this approach may not be right for you. At Oktana, we prefer taking the path less traveled so we can get different results and solutions. We understand that sometimes it’s about the minimum viable product, or as some call it, the “minimum lovable product”. In these situations, we know it’s about delivering the best product possible within the project’s constraints, not delivering perfection. Even when we deliver an amazing product and our customers are satisfied, we know there is always a different way it could have been approached. The next step is about exploring those possibilities. That’s why we are constantly working on new lightning web components, new versions of our digital products, and hunting for new and challenging projects. If you want to innovate, don’t aim for perfection. Aim for disruption.

2. Face your assumptions

Do you remember René Descartes? Yes, that French philosopher who has influenced the world since the sixteenth century and who has placed doubts in the middle of his thinking. We are not asking you to doubt everything, but we do recommend you determine if all of your assumptions are still useful. Why? We all have ideas that we take for granted. Ideas are so entrenched in our minds that they tend to shape the way we approach things, and that’s not always a good practice. (Remember when remote work was not a “good idea” for many companies, then a pandemic showed us what was possible?). Take the time to question your assumptions. Compare them to the current situation. If you feel they really don’t make sense then it’s time to innovate! 

3. Innovation is for doers.

Creativity is an important stage of innovation, but what happens if we don’t stop thinking? All of our great ideas stay in our minds and never come to life. That’s why innovation is for doers, for people who dare to take action after a planning process. If you are having trouble bringing your ideas to life, don’t worry. It happens to everyone and we believe it’s part of the innovation process. What do we recommend? Write your ideas on paper, share them with your teammates, and ask for feedback. All of these actions are small steps but your ideas are now living outside of your mind. After this first step, congratulate yourself and start planning. Your idea will grow until you have a great product in your hands.

4. Mistakes are part of innovation

What would the world be like without mistakes? Failures are probably one of the best teachers humans may have. If you fail in your attempt at creating a new product, then you have another opportunity to do it. More importantly, you now have a better understanding of what you are doing. Don’t get us wrong. Mistakes on their own don’t deliver value, it’s your attitude that really matters and how you use your personal experience to enhance your solutions. Noah, one of our engineers in the US, shares a very interesting perspective: 

“For me, innovation means changing the norm for the better. A change is not automatically positive or negative. If a change is made but the overall outcome is negative, that’s fine because the change does not have to be permanent. You can roll-back the changes until you find something that works well. Innovation is trial and error a lot of the time. Because of that, innovation does not always mean improvement. But innovation paves the path for improvement.”

Noah B. Engineer at Oktana US

As Salesforce partners, we learn a lot from our customers and the projects we deliver. These recommendations are just a part of it. We encourage you to share them with your team so you can all have the same mindset. Also, if you want to innovate the Salesforce way, here are a couple of trails that might be worth reading: Innovate the Salesforce way and Innovation Customer Discovery. Now, sharpen your mind and use innovation in every level of your projects.

Innovation Tok
Innovation Tok - Oktana Team

Leadership: The best way to manage your team

Team leadership may be a long and challenging path. The good thing is that leaders are made, not born. Every successful leader you see on TV, in your company, at your university, or even in your neighborhood developed their skills over time. If they were able to become strong leaders, so can you. Kevin Kruse, a Forbes contributor, and CEO of LEADx, define leadership as: 

“Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.”

We like his approach because it emphasizes the importance of the “others” – our team! Leadership is not about you as the leader, it’s about the people you’re leading and what they will be able to achieve. If this seems overwhelming, relax, it just means you’re facing a new challenge. It may take a little extra effort, but in the end, you’ll gain new skills to help your team (and you) succeed. Here are five recommendations that help us lead our teams here at Oktana and turn our people into high-performers.

1. Leadership is not about you.

We’ve already said it, but it’s important enough to repeat. If you expect to get all the credit as the leader, you’re probably not in the right job. Assuming a leadership role requires a certain amount of expertise in specific areas. You weren’t promoted to leadership with the expectation that you’ll be doing the exact same work you’ve always done. There wouldn’t be any challenge in that. Your role is now to inspire your team and develop their capabilities so they can accomplish more. They might even be working on the same types of achievements you did before you moved into leadership. It’s their time to shine now. Your excellent leadership will shine through their accomplishments.

2. Great leaders connect.

Great leaders connect their teams. And it’s not just about having regular conversations. When we say “connect your team”, we mean “become a real support for them.” They’re challenged by you to become better professionals, but they’re also looking to you for help or instruction. If they don’t have your support, it may become an awful experience for everyone. It’s important to let them be independent in their work, just be sure your other responsibilities don’t take your attention away from their progress and needs.

Mauricio Villamayor, product designer at Oktana Paraguay shares his perspective: 

“I always think of giving more independence to team members, but this pandemic makes me more aware of the need to be supportive and stay connected in a deeper way.”

Mauricio Villamayor – Product designer at Oktana Paraguay

3. The challenges are real.

Are you the kind of person who is always looking for a bigger challenge as soon as you finished the last one? That’s the sign of a great professional. If you see this pattern in your team, congratulations, you’re leading a high-performing team. The challenge for leaders is creating work experiences that take your teams to the next level. Map your expectations for the team and think of innovative and interesting projects to help them experience the professional growth they need. Challenges nourish your team. Feed them.

4. Learning goes both ways in team leadership.

Some people think employees learn from their leaders, but that leaders don’t learn from employees. Leaders provide knowledge and team members execute the tasks. We feel that’s not taking advantage of the full potential of the team. Our team brings expertise from design, development, marketing, administration, sales, and operations, from many countries. It’s taught us that leaders who don’t see their team members as potential sources of knowledge are missing an opportunity to see their business and markets from another perspective. That knowledge is pure gold in a world where everything is constantly changing.

5. Communicate efficiently.

Time is money, whether we’re talking about business or our daily lives. As you decide how to manage your team conversations, make sure those moments are as efficient as possible. Every team meeting needs an agenda so team members can easily understand the focus of the meeting and what they need to bring to the table. Use your channels well and try not to overwhelm your team. Stay strategic. Deliver the right message, through the right channel, at the right time. 

“I believe Tok helps me a lot because it gets fast communication with my team members in real-time. Either I need to have 1:1 conversations or group arrangements, Tok is the platform where I can trust.” 

Mauricio Villamayor – Product designer at Oktana Paraguay

Remember, becoming a great leader is a learning process that never ends. So whether you’re leading your first team or you’re an experienced leader, keep this advice in mind. Also, if you want to go deeper into leadership and team management, take a look at this trail about Empathetic Leadership and Managing the Salesforce Way.

Hope you have enjoyed it so far. We’re constantly striving to improve our leadership, join us. Our team knows what good leadership entails and we do our best to keep growing. We are a great place to work so if you’re interested in joining our team, go over to our available positions. Also, if you want to know more about our work, go check out our latest success stories.


5 ways to master remote work and improve communication

Remote work is here to stay. Period. The new normal is here and it demands a brand new perspective on communication. In this pandemic, one of the cornerstones that we must consider is social distance. That’s the reason why well working remotely is a skill we currently need to stay profitable and grow our businesses. This might be confusing for many, but it’s actually quite simple (and fun). There are companies that have been working with teams abroad and are working remotely with ease.

In other words, take some time to learn from the experts. Integrating teams in different countries to create IT solutions for our customers is something we at Oktana are very used to. Nara, from our Human Resources department in Paraguay, tells us more about her experience:

“[I believe] things haven’t changed a lot since I have always reported and worked remotely with co-workers from other countries even before the pandemic showed up. [Morover,] I think remote work has improved my performance because I save time in the traffic and even money that I used for transportation and food. Now I feel I have more energy and resources.”

Nara G. – Human Resources at Oktana Paraguay

We even created Tok, the leading real-time chat app for Salesforce users that helps companies to squeeze the best of communication within the new normal (Can you tell we’re proud of it?). Let us help you work remotely more wisely to increase your efficiency, improve work culture, and grow revenues.

Distance has nothing to do with meters or feet

This is our first and most important recommendation. Why? Because it’s not about distance. It’s about having the right state of mind. If you want to master remote work and enhance your communication skills, you have to let go of that idea of physical distance. Talented remote workers know their partners are always just a click away:

“[The new normal] impacted the way we communicate with our teammates. Now we need to find new ways to facilitate communication. However, Tok is that space where we can stay always connected and work more fluently”. 

Nery C. – Web developer at Oktana Paraguay

That’s the key. We know where to find our teammates, and especially, how to reach out to them in the most effective way. Here is a tip that you may want to consider in your routine: identify your partners and get to know them. If you didn’t have a chance before, schedule a 10-minute chat to introduce yourself now. Don’t talk about work, get to know the human behind the “co-worker.”

Be direct and clear

No one owns a crystal ball to see into your mind, so try to express yourself clearly. We understand, having a work conversation through a screen may feel weird in the very beginning. That feeling will vanish as long as you decide to take the leap and connect with your co-workers. Also, you will notice in every conversation that you will develop more concise messages.

Our recommendation? Remember, less is more! When having 1:1 chats related to work and professional arrangements, try to pull everything together in a way that is as simple as possible and provides what your co-worker needs.

In remote work, communication is key

You are safe working at home but still need to reach your co-workers. Before the pandemic you could just walk over and have a conversation. Not anymore. Now you have to leverage technology to manage your communication and collaboration. Make sure your team agrees on which channels to use. With Tok, our teams use Channels and Groups to adjust their conversations according to their needs. For example, Channels are great spaces for teamwork and let members message each other around a common matter, like a real-time group chat. On the other hand, Groups were designed to share posts and let people interact with them, like social media.

Tip: Remote work is not only about efficiency. It has to do with culture and collaboration. When managing your conversations always make sure everyone knows where to go, is able to participate, and every voice is heard.

Stay 100% tuned in

Ok, this is important and we would like to highlight it because most of us tend to take it for granted: notifications are crucial. We get it.  Your phone was full of notifications even before the pandemic. However, if you want to track your projects, having the right notifications is the best way to do it.  Remember, your team is not physically together; so an important matter or message will come to you in a push notification or desktop alert.

We use Tok notifications in our office to make sure we keep track and guess what? We never miss any details! Here is our tip: Be aware of which notifications you have turned on. Make sure they’re the right ones. Then, get used to answering them as soon as possible. It might sound obvious but trust us: it only takes seconds for a pending message notification to be forgotten.

Have fun!

Yes, productivity and hard work bring great results. We believe fun is also a crucial element to consider when it comes to business success. No team member or leader will reach peak efficiency if they are not working in a comfortable and pleasant environment. How can you contribute to creating a better culture while working remotely? Through communication, of course. Don’t let screens make your conversations boring.

Most messaging solutions include many features to make collaboration as much fun as possible. Use them! With Tok, we use emojis, gifs, snippets, polls, and other resources to express ourselves in every message.

If you have read this far, you now have a better understanding of what efficient communication means in remote work scenarios. Remember, the sense of distance is in your mind and you can adapt: always use efficient and clear communication, stay 100% connected, and make it a better place to work. Follow these recommendations and you will be all set!

For more information about how we strive to improve communication for our customers, please visit us here. Also, if you need a general overview of Salesforce’s perspective, visit this trail. Now go back to your daily assignments and enhance your communication level across your company. Your teammates will notice the difference.

Our team is doing their best while working remotely. We have worked with different organizations and their projects. We are Salesforce platform experts and offer custom development to help you build your platform and solve the right problems. If you want to know more about our work, go check out our latest success stories.

Take a Look at Tok

Are you a Salesforce user looking for a way to securely and efficiently stay in contact with everyone within your organization? Then it might be time to take a look at Tok. Tok is Oktana’s flagship Salesforce app designed to help keep everyone at your organization in close contact at all times. If your team’s been begging you to adopt Slack or another tool, but you’re concerned about security and safety, then Tok is what you need.

Built on Salesforce Chatter, Tok allows for instant messaging, team messaging, and groups to connect all within Salesforce. That way, you know your conversations are safe, secure, and archived within your Salesforce instance. Your team never has to leave Salesforce to talk and collaborate. To highlight how Tok can help your organization, we’re producing a series of videos to demonstrate Tok.

First, let’s take a look at some of the basic features of Tok. In this video, we walk through all the different chat options available to you in Tok and how they’re different from each other.

Next, notifications are essential to making sure everyone within your team stays on the same page. You need to know when new messages arrive so they can act on them immediately. That’s why we’re walking through how notifications work in Tok, so you know the team will always be ready.

And that’s it for the first in our series walking through all you can do with Tok. If you’re interested in learning more feel free to contact us here or you can get a 30 day free trial of Tok right now on the AppExchange.

Tok 30 day trial

So Long Chatter Messenger, Hello Tok

tok oktana

Earlier this year, Salesforce officially retired its enterprise collaboration platform, Chatter Messenger, which since its incarnation has helped to enhance collaboration and productivity amongst Salesforce users. The most attractive feature of Chatter Messenger was the ability to communicate within Salesforce which made it simpler to interact with colleagues without leaving the Salesforce platform. If you’re an active Salesforce user, you know that Salesforce’s Chatter Messenger definitely streamlined initiatives throughout the daily workflow. This enabled users to follow groups, objects, tasks, and other criteria as well as directly message colleagues to keep current with business initiatives.


Chatter Messenger

Consequentially, the retirement of Chatter Messenger has broadened the landscape for enterprise collaboration and productivity. After Salesforce announced that they’d be retiring the chat applications, we imagined many users might be wondering; are there any products on the market that could continue the legacy? The answer is yes! Our product, Tok, has elevated Chatter Messenger capabilities to provide rapid real-time communication between users so they can stay productive and keep current with all of their tasks on Salesforce.



Tok is the ultimate collaboration tool to bridge the communication gap between colleagues and on the Salesforce platform. It provides users with an easy-to-use messenger interface for desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. In addition, users don’t even need to log into their Org to communicate with their colleagues. Users can simply download the Tok desktop version, sign in directly from their desktop to chat with their coworkers, and share pertinent documents and information with each other. Team members can also send cool and customized messages by adding attachments or files like images, GIFs, videos, and much more.

Tok is also super intuitive where users can drag and drop items from their desktop directly into the platform for simple sharing amongst colleagues and perhaps the best feature about Tok is its ability to store conversations onto Salesforce as well as create leads, opportunities, tasks etc. The TokBot also automates commands to create polls and surveys and share them in Groups on the Tok interface.


If you’re on the search for a collaboration product to continue where Chatter Messenger left off, look no further! Tok is blazing a new trail for team members who want to stay connected and integrated with all of their tasks on the Salesforce platform.


Tok 30 day trial



Tok is Rising on the Chatter Horizon

Enterprise collaboration is one of the major catalysts in building a successful workplace environment, one where employees are engaged, where they’re meeting KPIs, and where they’re achieving consistent success towards their business goals. Constant connectivity enables team members to break down the barriers between departments and locations so they can seamlessly collaborate on projects. As in most industries, Salesforce decided to jump on board with their very own instant messaging product, Chatter

Tok and Chatter

Salesforce Chatter is an enterprise collaboration platform which is used as a company intranet or employee directory. It became a popular option for Salesforce users because it is heavily integrated with all of Salesforce’s clouds, objects, and features. Using Chatter, employees can tag, follow and share cases, opportunities, leads and much more to constantly keep updated on their tasks in real time.

What if we told you there was a way to make Chatter even more functional than ever? Well, we’ve got just the thing to enhance your experience; our product, Tok!


Tok Interface

Tok completely elevates Chatter to the next level by enabling users to maximize Chatter capabilities with an easy-to-use messenger application that includes interfaces for desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. What’s even more awesome about Tok is that users don’t even need to log into their Org to communicate with their colleagues.

“Finally, someone is making Chatter do what it always should’ve done!!! From the first day, I started using salesforce over 6 years ago I always felt that Chatter could and should be so much more. Everyone I know has to find another company-wide instant messaging platform because Chatter is so inept as a real-time communication platform. “Michael Irving, Business Development Specialist, InTech Together, Inc.

What else? Team members can send cool and customized messages by adding attachments or files like images, GIFs, videos, etc. Tok is also super intuitive where users can drag and drop items from their desktop directly into the platform for simple sharing amongst colleagues.

We certainly can’t forget about Tok’s coolest features: the TokBot! The TokBot automates commands on Tok as well as on the Salesforce platform. You can create polls and surveys in Tok and share them in Groups on the Tok interface. Also from within Tok, you can list views, create new contacts, leads, opportunities and much more. Since Tok is fully integrated with Salesforce, all of this info will automatically be stored in your Salesforce Org.



Enterprise collaboration is a tool that will never go unnoticed because of the impact it has on team member engagement, and that’s why Chatter has stood the test of time on the Salesforce platform. But if you want to extend your Chatter capabilities seriously and on a killer UI, Tok is the solution!


Tok 30 day trial