3 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Until recent decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was regarded as a utopic, unrealistic tale that only science fiction writers dared to dream upon. However, AI is part of our daily routine as any other technology. AI is increasingly becoming a dominating force, from intelligent cars and smart houses to even voice assistants on our mobile devices.

In 2017, we saw steady growth in AI at a global level. Every day, more organizations implement machine learning technology to innovate and improve customer service and other business functionalities. We already see this happening at a high level with Salesforce’s Service Cloud, which is automating processes so that the customer experience feels more engaging and human-like.

artificial intelligence

Since Artificial Intelligence is in such high demand, we figured we’d divvy up three ways it comes to advantage in providing a better customer experience:


Anywhere/Anytime Access

Chatbots are in popular demand across industries, especially in e-commerce, where companies are looking to provide customers with service around the clock. Chatbots have evolved so that they can now respond rapidly and in a personalized way to customers from any device at any time. Ultimately, this enhances user experience and decreases the traffic to your call centers which provides a better, faster and more complete service.  


Machine Support

By experiencing repetitive issues and resolving these issues, machine learning has the capability to enable user support agents to be prepared for all kinds of issues that chatbots sometimes fail to address. Any call center with artificial Intelligence machine learning capabilities is able to provide accurate solutions to specific problems. Artificial Intelligence’s learning potential to sense human behavior can contribute to a better and faster support experience.


Predictions and Insights

Tech giants like Google, Apple, Netflix & Hulu all have AI capabilities that predict and recommend user preferences. Similarly, in other industries, machine learning can enhance business functionalities by forecasting future issues and providing alternative solutions beforehand. This is the essence of the machine learning algorithm! Such insights can translate into future actions to be taken by customers based on their choices, interests and shared content.


We here at Oktana share a passion for innovation and improved customer experience, which is why we’re avid supporters of artificial intelligence technology. We’ve even developed a chatbot feature for our enterprise collaboration product, Tok, which is available on AppExchange. We definitely encourage other organizations to embrace this innovative technology to produce top-notch business functionalities.

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