Heading to Dreamforce 2019

Members of our team have attended Dreamforce for years. We’re excited to host a booth once again at Dreamforce 2019.

This year, stop by the Trailhead Zone where the team will be ready to chat on Oktana and also answer technical questions about Salesforce integrations or building on the Heroku and Lightning platforms. 


You will have the opportunity to meet developers from our Montevideo, Uruguay and Asuncion, Paraguay offices:

  • Gaston Esmela
  • Giselle Ramirez
  • Iris Galeano
  • Jorge Sosa
  • Mathias Moller

When: Tuesday – Friday, 7.30 am – EOD

Where: Head to the back of the Trailhead Zone. We will be on the right in front of the Coastline Theater.


We’ll also host a talk with Royal Caribbean International to share how, for luxury brand Celebrity Cruises, the team went from a manual collection of event leads to a custom app that enables them to make the most of events like Dreamforce. We’ll go over the business case, a quick demo and success metrics. 

Session: How Will Sales Manage All Those Dreamforce Leads? Case Study: Royal Caribbean
When: Thursday, November 21 at 11.15 am

Where: Trailhead Zone, Moscone West | Coastline Theater

Building A Better Einstein (Robot)

One of the coolest projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on this year was without a doubt the Einstein Voice robot that we built in partnership with our friends at Salesforce. If you attended or followed along with Dreamforce this year you know that Einstein Voice was a very big part of the show for Salesforce and in the lead up to the event, they knew that they needed something special to really highlight what could be done with Einstein Voice and that’s how the project began. How could everyone get wowed at Dreamforce? Our team at Oktana took up to the challenge of making that happen in collaboration with Salesforce.

Einstein and Einstein Together At Last

Salesforce had already played around with the idea of taking a toy Einstein and turning it into a robot but found it to be too difficult to repurpose an already built toy into something that fit their needs. Luckily, our project leads had actually been involved in puppeteering as a hobby and had a hunch that a puppet would be the perfect fit for a project like this. It could be custom made and be designed with movement in mind. After deciding to use a puppet it was time to find someone to build it and that’s when we found FurriFingers from the UK who were able to build Einstein and install the motors he needed for his eyebrows, mustache, and neck to come to life. The team at FurriFingers built the Einstein puppet in the UK and then he was flown to Uruguay to meet our team

Einstein is Starting to Come Together!

Once puppet Einstein was all put together it was finally time to bring him to life! First, we needed to find a way to control the motors which drive the different expressions Einstein can make and for that we opted to use an Arduino. Next, we needed to find something that would both control Einstein’s movement, sending commands to the Arduino, but also listen to voice commands and respond to them as a smart speaker does. For that, the decision was made to use a Raspberry Pi. The pairing of an Arduino and Raspberry Pi allowed us to do everything that was needed while also keeping things small enough to fit inside puppet Einstein. At this point, we paired the tools that our partners at Salesforce had developed for Einstein Voice with new tools built specifically for this project to allow puppet Einstein to understand your requests and get that data for you from your Salesforce instance while looking like he’s thinking and speaking to you.

Finally, Einstein was alive and ready to take the stage! But the long road from the UK to Uruguay and finally to Dreamforce wasn’t over yet because before heading to San Francisco he had a little layover in Hawaii. While there he got to show off his talents in front of a group at a smaller VP level Salesforce conference as a prelude to his bigger performance. Thankfully, everyone liked him so much that they offered him his own stage at Dreamforce! Now he had the chance to strut his stuff every 15 minutes in the Einstein park. Additionally, at Dreamforce, our project lead did a full presentation on this project so if you want to hear even more about how we brought Einstein to life be sure to check that out here.

You might be wondering, what’s Einstein up to now? Right now he’s living with the Einstein Voice team at Salesforce in San Francisco but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him. So, be on the lookout because he just might show up at the next Salesforce conference you attend.

See You Soon!

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Looking back at Dreamforce 2018

dreamforce 2018


With Dreamforce 2018 in the books, we wanted to pause and take a look back at everything we did at the show. From hosting sessions to manning our own booth and getting to see a pretty cool concert, it was a great show for everyone at Oktana.


The expo hall at Dreamforce was full of energy and I know our team was thrilled to be there. We loved seeing what everyone in the Salesforce community has been working on. Speaking of the expo hall, we had our own booth and meeting space. It was great to meet and talk to so many people over the course of the conference.


Developers from Oktana hosted three sessions this year at Dreamforce and they’re all archived and ready for you to watch online.

First, developer Carlos walked attendees through his experiences in developing front-end apps for Salesforce using Angular, React, or Vue. Carlos offered a number of live demos of his work as he demonstrated his expertise and approach to front-end app development.


Next, three of our developers Lorenzo, Carlos, and Gonzalo presented a session on how to use Salesforce DX to easily adopt Continuous Integration into your projects. Our team not only discussed the advantages that Continuous Integration offers to developers but also shared some of their own success stories which helped illuminate and better highlight those advantages.

And finally, project lead Antony brought us something special as he walked everyone through his team’s project of bringing a robotic Einstein to life through the power of Einstein.ai and Einstein Bots. With the emphasis on Einstein at Dreamforce this year we were thrilled to see Antony sharing this project with the world. It’s definitely one of our favorite projects in from recent memory but it’s also a great visual representation of just what makes Einstein.ai special. We’ll be going into more detail on this project on our blog soon so stay tuned.

Overall, Dreamforce 2018 was a great experience and we look forward to seeing everyone there again next year!

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