Get real results from your Salesforce platform. Oktana is a Salesforce Summit partner with a focus on clients who need complex integrations to unify multiple cloud platforms.



We specialize in custom app design, development, and optimization across a full range of Salesforce technologies, including Heroku and MuleSoft. 


Our mission is to enable your company to understand and leverage Salesforce technologies to create a delightful customer experience.


Our Salesforce solutions include:

Providing secure and smooth handling of sensitive data and following all relevant compliance practices is crucial. We can help you migrate your systems to Salesforce, develop custom apps, and manage APIs and developer communities using MuleSoft.

We thrive on complexity, whether you need to reduce technical debt, extend your engineering team, improve test coverage, or create new applications, our team has a proven track record of implementing the right solutions. 

New advances in technology are radically transforming the way healthcare is delivered and managed. We have experience creating new standards of care by connecting electronic health record data, treatment plans, patient preferences, and more using Salesforce.

As a partner, our team is ready to support you. Our customized solutions enable you to connect people and organizations, engage participants and donors, distribute information, and measure the fulfillment of your mission.

We can build a customized Service and Experience Cloud solution for your business. It empowers your customers to build valuable relationships and helps your company work more efficiently by integrating workflows.

A high tech demo is often a proof-of-concept to showcase specific software. It can be used as a trial version for customers, in advertising, or as a sample of the digital product for someone who is interested.

Adoption can be the biggest challenge for any software company. A learning management system allows your team to enable customers and employees to get started quickly and stay engaged.

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