Most businesses aren’t able to provide a seamless, personalized experience across all channels today, making it difficult for agents to deliver answers quickly and accurately. Consolidating global services into one centralized solution allows businesses to enhance and speed up customer service experience.

As a Salesforce partner, our team can help you build a customized Salesforce Service Cloud and Experience Cloud solution for your business. It empowers your customers to build valuable relationships, but most importantly, it helps your company work more efficiently by integrating workflows and better managing agents’ time.

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Benefits of Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, and Slack

There are infinite benefits to integrating your business with Salesforce Service and Experience Cloud. The most important is building a centralized customer service solution for your company. We have listed some of the other benefits you should consider:

  • Centralize content and deliver it anywhere
  • Reduce and manage support requests
  • Automate processes 
  • Integrate workflows and maintain compliance
  • Manage customer memberships
  • Route issues to the right person
  • Track key metrics for improvement
  • Multiple-language conversations
  • Accelerate software development
  • Chat-based support 
  • Access educational knowledge database
  • Data collection
  • Support all channels from one screen
  • Solve problems fast with AI-powered workflows

Why do you Need a Salesforce Communication Tool?

Slack and Chatter bring your company together to work as one unified team. These tools transform the way your organization communicates. Connect with your customers, employees, and partners through conversations, apps, and data that powers digital workflows, regardless of role or location.

We Can Build it

Oktana specializes in custom software development. With over 18 years of experience building on the Salesforce platform, our customers range in size and industry, partnering with us on multi-product, cross-cloud integrations. 


We can build a customized Service and Experience Cloud solution for your business, as we are Salesforce-validated experts on both clouds. We have helped global companies across all industries create and integrate custom solutions to enable and enhance customer experience while reducing costs and time.


The Oktana team has helped global companies across multiple industries build apps and cross-cloud integrations with a variety of complex languages and frameworks. Our developers have worked with different technologies such as CSS, GitHub, Heroku, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, React, and Ruby on Rails.

Check out some of the technologies our experts use.

Check out some of

the technologies our experts use.

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