High Tech Demos

high tech demo is often a proof-of-concept to showcase specific software. It can be used as a trial version for customers, in advertising, or as a sample of the digital product for someone who is interested. Based on the objective and the target audience, the demo may be customized. Usually, the design team joins the development team to help shape how the demo will be later introduced, either as a website, a video, or even an email.

well-done demo is meant to highlight the product and provide a clear experience of what the end result will deliver. It shows the story behind the product, helping to show the product’s potential and answer any questions.

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What are the Benefits of a Demo?

Benefits to your Organization

Benefits to your Community

  • The demo is a customized story, not a tour. It exhibits your product’s functional and technical capabilities.
  • It seeks to help visualize the impact of the product through an “in-product” experience. 
  • Main targets after all demos are to both prioritize and adapt to the customer’s needs. They shape and guarantee the message is heard clearly and powerfully. 
  • Its many formats give the desired access as it can be a free-trial or an overview of its main features.
  • Explains the problem
  • Effectively stresses ‘why’ the product solves that problem
  • Contrasts the solution with an apparent alternative
  • Highlights its features over others
  • Delivers a walk through the code and main features 
  • Offers statistics and workflows
  • Presents sample images of the product
  • May grant access to a free-trial experience
  • Allows the customer to inspect the product

We Can Build it

Oktana has helped global SaaS companies create and launch unique high tech demos, showcasing the technical capabilities behind their products. As demo specialists, our team has 90+ demos under their belt, exhibiting technologies such as Einstein AI, Heroku, data analytics, as well as financial technologies. Our team has also worked with many complex cases like keynotes for large-scale events, providing both web and versions as needed.


The Oktana team has helped global companies across multiple industries build apps and cross-cloud integrations with a variety of complex languages and frameworks. Our developers have worked with different technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Android, Apex, Heroku, iOS, JavaScript, Lightning, Mulesoft, Objective-C, and React

Check out some of the technologies our experts use.

Check out some of

the technologies our experts use.

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