Custom Training Portals

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are interactive training portals that use gamification techniques to enhance learning. The idea behind these training portals is that e-learning is organized and managed within a single platform. These platforms offer organizations an opportunity to deliver large-scale, resource-based interactive training programs.

Adoption can be the biggest challenge for any software company. Custom training portal allows your team to enable customers and employees to get started quickly and stay engaged. You can launch and update training initiatives, create an online community, receive instant feedback, provide support via chat and forums…and track all of it.

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So, what are the benefits of a custom training portal?

Benefits to your organization

Benefits to your community

  • Deliver custom learning content to easily reach your global customers 24/7/365
  • Improve engagement and retention by providing an intuitive and gamified training experience 
  • Track progress to ensure learners meet key milestones
  • Enable your team to create content without developers
  • Keep your organization up to date with compliance requirements related to training
  • Your community is able to start using your software efficiently from the start
  • A flexible and dynamic learning process provides a custom experience for every learner
  • Instant feedback helps reinforce knowledge, making learning autonomous and self-directed 
  • Intuitive UX/UI design makes it easier to boost user satisfaction

We can build it

We have helped global SaaS companies create and launch  unique Learning Management Systems to enable millions of  learners. 


We can help you with the full  creation of your training  platform, from graphic design to UI/UX design and all front-end  and back-end development.


The Oktana team has helped global companies across multiple industries build apps and cross-cloud integrations with a variety of complex languages and frameworks. Our developers have worked with different technologies such as CSS, GitHub, Heroku, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, React and Ruby on Rails.

Check out some of the technologies our experts use.

Check out some of

the technologies our experts use.

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