Learning Management System Solution

We’ve been lucky enough to work with three different global B2B companies to create and launch unique Learning Management Systems (LMS). Internally, our employees currently use two of these Oktana built systems as part of their training process with us.

Need: Learning Management System Solution

Learning Management Systems have different roles depending on the business objectives. The most common use is to deploy and track training initiatives. They are interactive learning platforms that use gamification techniques to enhance learning by providing quality content with immediate feedback.

Our projects have involved the full creation of these platforms, developing all front-end and back-end coding, as well as the UI and UX design. Our developers have worked alongside our talented designers to make the most user-friendly platforms possible with intuitive steps and unique custom design.

Our expertise has given us the possibility to work with an Open Source LMS that also provides an active online community. This allows users to earn badges, gain points, and advance to new levels by completing interactive missions and quests, each of which teaches a new and useful skill. Each user’s progress is stored in a student profile they are able to make public. This system has more than 1,000 different courses and is currently being used for over 450,000 people.

One of the platforms we created was built in a 4-month window before an annual conference in which the platform had to perform live. We met the tight deadline and the application we developed was able to handle the surge of traffic at the conference and when it went live globally. In the first two months, over 300 companies joined the platform, and more than 1,200 users completed missions.

These projects used Heroku as the development platform to host and process all the logic required for all learning activities. If you are interested in knowing how this works, read the Simplify and improve your cloud infrastructure article written by our Heroku experts.Some of the technologies involved to create these LMS systems are Apex, CSS, Github, JavaScript, Salesforce Lightning Components, NodeJS, Postgres, React, Ruby on Rails, and Visualforce. Our team has gained expertise in working with multiple technologies, to fit the needs of your business.


After helping these three companies reach more than a million users with their Learning Management System solution, Oktana is currently engaged in ongoing long-term projects and will continue to play an important role in performing design and implementation initiatives across the development stack, ranging from infrastructure and performance to UX/UI design.