Thank You for World Tour NYC

Oktana had the opportunity to sponsor the Salesforce World Tour event in New York City last week. We wanted to thank everyone that took the time to stop by and visit our booth. It was great to hear about everyone’s Salesforce goals as we discussed ways we could work together to help make those goals happen.

We love the atmosphere at Salesforce events. Everyone is excited about new products and the possibilities for new partnerships. We’re always looking for new ways to get involved, too. Whether you’re looking for help in implementing Salesforce or building tools to take your organization to the next level the team at Oktana is there for you. Be sure to keep an ear open because we’ll be at more events later this year and Dreamforce season is quickly approaching.

We appreciate you joining us for this event and hope to see you soon. If you want to know more about our work, go check out our latest success stories. Our team has worked with different organizations and their projects. We are Salesforce platform experts and offer custom development to help you build your platform and solve the right problems.

Salesforce World Tour New York City

Salesforce World Tour New York City was December 13th and it was a fantastic experience for our team. It was a truly inspiring show and we’ll definitely be reflecting back on everything we learned for quite some time.

The keynote this year by Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi was fascinating. She presented a vision of what Salesforce can do to help change the world that left us proud of the small part we’ve played in this process. Undoubtedly, Salesforce has a very strong vision for the future and the positive impact we can all have on the world but the keynote also gave us some great insights about the new tools coming to Salesforce that will make our clients happy too.

Salesforce Customer 360 was one of the star attractions of the keynote and Stephanie offered a number of different examples of what we’ll be able to do with it in the near future. They highlighted a number of different use cases for how Customer 360 allows Salesforce users to gather all essential data about customers in one place to make sure they’re taken care of at all times. What made us the most excited though was the awesome Einstein Voice demo by Sarah Aerni. As we’ve discussed in the past, we’ve had a hand in some work on Einstein Voice and it’s really exciting to see all that work coming together into something really powerful. The demo was a great example of Einstein Voice’s potential for Salesforce users and being able to ask Salesforce for important data and easily update client notes in the field all with your voice could be a real game-changer for a lot of users.

Cloudy’s Spot in the Office

As mentioned earlier Salesforce Customer 360 was one of the star attractions of the show and nowhere was that more evident than on the expo floor. Customer 360 was the centerpiece booth that everything else revolved around. The expo hall had a magnetic energy that made us all the more eager to see what everyone else was working on. Our team had a great time meeting people and even managed to find a new friend to bring home, Cloudy the Goat.

Our Friends at Copado

We were also fortunate enough to make it to a few sessions during the show. It was great to hear our friends and partners at Copado discuss their product and how it can help developers with release management. We’ll be working much more with Copado next year so stay tuned to find out more here on our blog soon. We also got to see an extended session discussing the strengths of Einstein Voice and what it can do for Salesforce users.

Einstein Voice Demo

Our day at Salesforce World Tour New York was fantastic and left the whole team feeling energized and excited about everything we’re working on heading into 2019. In a lot of ways, it was the perfect way to cap off the year. We got to see tons of friends and colleagues one last time before the end of the year, learned about some new products that we can look forward to, and reflected on everything that we accomplished over the past year. We were thrilled to be there and already planning for a number of events next year.

See You Next Year!

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Looking back at Dreamforce 2018

dreamforce 2018


With Dreamforce 2018 in the books, we wanted to pause and take a look back at everything we did at the show. From hosting sessions to manning our own booth and getting to see a pretty cool concert, it was a great show for everyone at Oktana.


The expo hall at Dreamforce was full of energy and I know our team was thrilled to be there. We loved seeing what everyone in the Salesforce community has been working on. Speaking of the expo hall, we had our own booth and meeting space. It was great to meet and talk to so many people over the course of the conference.


Developers from Oktana hosted three sessions this year at Dreamforce and they’re all archived and ready for you to watch online.

First, developer Carlos walked attendees through his experiences in developing front-end apps for Salesforce using Angular, React, or Vue. Carlos offered a number of live demos of his work as he demonstrated his expertise and approach to front-end app development.


Next, three of our developers Lorenzo, Carlos, and Gonzalo presented a session on how to use Salesforce DX to easily adopt Continuous Integration into your projects. Our team not only discussed the advantages that Continuous Integration offers to developers but also shared some of their own success stories which helped illuminate and better highlight those advantages.

And finally, project lead Antony brought us something special as he walked everyone through his team’s project of bringing a robotic Einstein to life through the power of and Einstein Bots. With the emphasis on Einstein at Dreamforce this year we were thrilled to see Antony sharing this project with the world. It’s definitely one of our favorite projects in from recent memory but it’s also a great visual representation of just what makes special. We’ll be going into more detail on this project on our blog soon so stay tuned.

Overall, Dreamforce 2018 was a great experience and we look forward to seeing everyone there again next year!

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TrailheaDX or Dreamforce: Which is better for Developers?

As a platform development services company, we value hard work, dedication, passion and really honing in on the complexities of building out these environments. This means that our developers are thoroughly examining the structure of these platforms from a very granular level and building a foundation that will thoroughly support the development process. Oktana’s talented team of developers and designers truly embody these core qualities, however, we know that collaboration and eagerness to share and learn are what also makes us grow as a company.


TrailheaDX vs. Dreamforce

This starts with attending conferences and events that serve as a sounding board for like-minded technology professionals to bounce ideas around and come up with innovative and tech-forward strategies for development services. One such event is TrailheadDX; a Salesforce conference that welcomes tech companies from all over the world to attend and share best practices for the tech industry, especially with regard to the Salesforce platform.

We recently had the pleasure of attending this year’s TrailheaDX conference in San Francisco for the first time ever! We were pleasantly surprised by the conference, specifically with how much it focuses more on platform development, which is what we here at Oktana marvel in. On a much smaller scale than Dreamforce, TrailheaDX allows companies like ours to really shine and network with individuals who share these similar interests.

TrailheaDX provides a more intimate approach to presenting subject matter panels for topics like automation processes, cloud environment optimization, omnichannel customer environments and panels for just overall improving platform efficiency. Furthermore, since its a smaller venue there’s more face time with product managers, engineering team leads and industry professionals to really share and discuss industry trends. This is also a big plus because you have direct access to decision makers which can expedite future partnerships.

With keynote speeches from Salesforce Chairman & CEO, Marc Benioff, to Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill, we found that TrailheaDX still carried the same weight and star power as Dreamforce, but it caters more to developers which was especially exciting for Oktana. We think it’s tailored specifically for developers and that if you’re a high-level developer you’ll definitely benefit from attending the conference, so we encourage those who specialize in platform development to attend TrailheaDX as well as Dreamforce!

Join us at TrailheaDX!

Calling out all tech enthusiasts and professionals! We are excited to announce that Oktana will be at the 2018 TrailheaDX conference, meeting and engaging with industry professionals to explore new trends on the Salesforce platform. We here at Oktana are always looking for opportunities to improve our craft, expand our presence with our partners and customers, learn more about technology trends and ultimately to collaborate with the best and the brightest in our industry. TrailheaDX is the perfect outlet for us to network, share and receive best practices and just overall have a good time in the process.


Salesforce’s TrailheaDX encourages companies of all sizes and tech-minded individuals to “blaze their trail” to learn, connect, have fun and give back. It’s a 2-day conference where companies can get everything they need to build and develop customer applications that people can really engage with. Salesforce product experts share the best tips and strategies for developers such as clicks, programming languages and coding, hosting services, certifications, and much more! The conference also encourages attendees to share stories amongst other developers, admins, and companies from all over the globe. TrailheaDX wants those who attend to embark on a quest to win prizes and help celebrate the Ohana with an enormous party! TDX will be hosting 150+ technical sessions, trails for both developers and admins, and the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest Salesforce product updates.


We couldn’t be more ecstatic to attend TrailheaDX this year to showcase all of the amazing things we’ve accomplished in 2017 and all of the innovative projects we’re working on in 2018! We’re blazing a trail full of amazing projects and can’t wait to present some of them this year. We’re super stoked to attend this year and see what all of the amazing Salesforce partners have been up to, hope to see you there!


TrailheaDX: 2017 Salesforce Developer Conference