Knowledge Hub Community Optimization

Our customer is a global network of nearly 100 mayors of the world’s leading cities united in confronting the climate crisis.


Our customer was seeking a partner with an in-depth understanding of Salesforce and a flexible schedule. They have a Salesforce community where they provide information about global warming to their users. The challenge of this project was to improve user experience and engagement so that all users around the globe could access it quickly and easily.

Solution: Knowledge Hub Community Optimization

To enhance engagement and user experience, the team built the following features:

Automated suggestions

The Oktana team implemented an automated suggestion system for users. These automatic suggestions recommend following other relevant topics by analyzing user interactions with specific articles. This approach lets customers gain valuable insights into their audience and keeps users engaged and interested.

Topic Follow

Creation of a button that enables users to follow the topics they are most interested in quickly.

New page for registered users

New pages for registered users to conveniently follow topics of interest and explore articles that capture their attention.

Redesign of the internal pages

The design team conducted optimization on internal pages, specifically articles and topics of interest, resulting in an enhanced user experience. As a result, all users can now enjoy higher engagement and satisfaction while interacting with the page.

Monthly emails

The team developed an automated system to send monthly newsletter-like emails tailored to the topics that users follow. This personalized approach ensures that users receive relevant content that aligns with their interests and preferences.

Dashboards and data visualization

Implementing dashboards has provided valuable metrics on user interactions with the latest updates. Our customer now has visibility into various aspects, including the number of users viewing new topics, the most widely read articles, regions with the highest engagement, and much more. These insights enable informed decision-making and a deeper understanding of user preferences and behavior.

Technologies used: Backend: Apex and Frontend: Aura Components 


The project has achieved remarkable success. Here is a quote from Daniel, the Platform Manager:

“Oktana was a wonderful partner from day 1! They helped us scope and understand our project right from the start (…) and helped us at every step to ensure the project was a success and that we got everything we needed to maintain the project and keep it running ourselves! The team was responsive to all our requests, always willing to help and find a solution to any issue! They were also very helpful in bringing good suggestions to team meetings about other ways we can reach our goals – things we hadn’t thought of or didn’t know were possible but were perfect at helping the project be a success!”

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