Internal Partner Portal for High Tech Company

Our client enables industrial companies to manage business more efficiently.

Internal Partner Portal for High Tech Company

Need: Building an Internal Partner Portal

Our customer had a portal to view its partners, only accessible to their admins. The team felt the need to develop a new portal, in which they could manage all partner accounts and give partners access to manage their own accounts. This portal had to be created with a user-friendly UI to make it easy for admins and partners to use.

Within this portal, partners would be able to manage their teams and users and modify numerous templates they could use to manage different jobs such as stock control and inventory management.



To create the visible portion of the site, the frontend, we are developing a web portal using React, Typescript and Javascript. To compile it, our developers are using Webpack.

As the team was already using Go, we have enhanced its backend using the same programming language.

From a user experience perspective, it is possible to access the partner portal from two different profiles. One is an internal admin to create partners and teams, and the other is exclusively for use by partners to manage its team members.

So far, we have completed this project’s first stage, allowing users to see a list of partners and create and archive a partner account. It is possible to invite users into a specific partner account with CRUD permissions and invite and manage users.

In addition, to meet our client’s authentication requirements, we integrated Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) only for our customer’s domain users.



So far, the client is satisfied with the solutions that we have developed and provided for them. We continue to work on this project providing new features and solutions and maintenance.

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