Built on AppExchange: CoverageIQ’s AI-Powered Sales Solution

This cutting-edge solution is a comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement application available as a managed package on Salesforce AppExchange. With this Gen AI and machine-learning solution, enhancing sales engagement for enterprises becomes easy.

CoverageIQ is a startup company founded in 2022 that provides a sales intelligence and engagement platform. Their goal is to make enterprise sales more efficient, productive, and successful, with more prospects engaged and more qualified opportunities.

Their cutting-edge solution, available as a managed package on Salesforce AppExchange, is a comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement application. The process begins with Gen AI, which summarizes crucial prospect information directly within Salesforce. This summarized data is then used to craft sales messages tailored to the seller’s specific goals and objectives. Once the message is sent, CoverageIQ employs machine learning to analyze the most effective way to communicate the value of the enterprise seller’s solution.


Coverage IQ partnered with Oktana to develop an application within the Salesforce platform to assist enterprise salespeople in creating personalized and effective email outreach to potential clients. The goal was to improve response rates and engagement by providing salespeople with relevant information about the prospect and offering dynamic messages tailored to specific personas.

The tool needed to have several key features, including:

  • A research component to gather vital information such as a 10K and an earnings call transcript about the prospect, 
  • A value statement generator with customizable options based on the prospect’s role and industry,
  • A call-to-action feature to invite prospects to relevant events or networking opportunities. 

Also, our team incorporated machine learning to measure the success of various email subject lines, value statements, and calls-to-action, continuously improving the tool’s effectiveness.

The end solution is a managed package application to be published into AppExchange.

Solution: Salesforce AppExchange Managed Package

The foundation of the AI cloud tool is built on the Salesforce platform. It leverages various Salesforce objects like Contacts, Campaigns, and Custom Objects (like Value Statements and High-Value Events) to access relevant content generation and personalization data. The tool integrates with Salesforce to retrieve enterprise prospect data and track the success of prospect engagement.

The core of the solution lies in its patent-pending machine-learning capabilities. It utilizes pre-trained machine learning models to generate the most effective email templates, value statements, and call-to-action messages based on user-defined parameters.

The tool includes a summarization component to create concise and effective value statements and call-to-action messages. This feature condenses the information retrieved from the content crawler and presents it coherently and concisely. 

The project’s architecture should allow flexibility for potential changes in the future without disrupting the entire system.

To measure the success of engagement, the tool leverages Salesforce’s built-in tracking capabilities. It tracks email open rates, link clicks, and bounce rates to evaluate the effectiveness of the generated content in engaging recipients. Additionally, integration with machine learning models to track and measure how the solution generates qualified opportunities and revenue.


This collaboration between CoverageIQ and Oktana turned CoverageIQ’s vision for streamlined sales prospecting into a revenue-generating product, thanks to our team’s expertise in AppExchange solutions. The resulting AI-powered managed package empowers sales reps with personalized outreach capabilities, boosting engagement and driving prospecting success. Now that CoverageIQ is approved for the AppExchange, this valuable tool is available to any company targeting the enterprise. CoverageIQ is establishing itself as a key player in the sales prospecting space. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this solution and some key considerations when building AppExchange managed packages check out these short YouTube videos from our webinar.

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