Oktana Paraguay is Certified as a Great Place to Work®

We are privileged to announce that Oktana Paraguay has been certified as a Great Place to Work® with a score of 93/100. 

Congratulations, team, for all the effort you’ve put into creating a happy and inspiring work environment! 

Oktana Paraguay is Certified as a Great Place to Work

Founded in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2018 we opened a second office in Asunción, Paraguay. We have since expanded into other countries including Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and the U.S. – many of the lessons that enable us to successfully grow have been learned as we continue to mature in Paraguay. We are so proud!

Great Place to Work® certification is the most definitive ‘Employer-of-Choice’ recognition organizations aspireto achieve, considered the‘Gold Standard’ in identifying and recognizing great workplace culture. More than 12 million surveys are completed each year across 10,000+ organizations in 60+ countries. 


The survey investigates three employee relationships with:

  1. The leaders of the organization
  2. Their work
  3. Their colleagues


These relationships translate into five dimensions: Credibility, justice, respect, pride, and camaraderie.

Next steps: We’ll review all survey feedback to identify action items to continue to improve the Oktana experience across all offices. We will also adjust our internal survey, sent twice annually, to include aspects of this survey.

Be part of the team! See our latest Oktana Paraguay job openings for developers, testers, business analysts, and designers in Asunción, Paraguay.


Oktana is Growing: 200 Developers

  • The first half of 2019 has been a period defined by growth and expansion for Oktana.

200 Developers

We are thrilled to report we’ve officially reached a headcount of over 200 developers, testers and designers worldwide. As our family grows, our available skills grow which is exciting for all of our partners.

Introducing, Paraguay

Our company was founded in Montevideo, Uruguay. Like any technology company, we’re always on the hunt for great talent, encouraging our team to learn new skills to provide additional value to our partners. With that in mind, we expanded into neighboring Paraguay in late 2018, opening an office in the capital, Asunción. Over the past six months, we’ve been able to bring on new team members in Paraguay in a wide variety of roles. The team has become an essential part of the Oktana family.

Why Paraguay? The population is young and entrepreneurial. There has been increased investment by the government in science and technology and several accelerators and other programs have launched to help fuel entrepreneurship. For us, this is the right environment to find developers eager to work on big projects and expand their knowledge.


Asunción, Paraguay

Fun Facts about Paraguay

  • Population: 7,000,000+
  • Slightly smaller than the state of California
  • Literacy rate is 94% (vs. 86% in the United States)
  • World’s fourth-largest exporter of electricity
  • Host of Guinness Book of World Records world’s largest barbecue, attended by approximately 30,000 people

Next Stop: Peru

With offices in New York, San Francisco, Montevideo, and now Asunción, where are we headed next? After the successful expansion into Asunción, we looked for other cities to grow into and found Lima. So, we’re excited to announce our office in Lima, Peru is open and ready for business.

Why Peru? The capital, Lima, has a population of over nine million people, making it one of the largest cities in South America. Because the majority of our customers are based in the United States, it’s important for us to ensure our team schedules align with US timezones and work hours to enable collaboration. Like Paraguay, Peru’s workday naturally overlaps with the US workday. Peru is a growing and stable country, so we’re confident it’s a place we will be able to continue to grow.


Lima, Peru

Fun Facts about Peru

  • Population: 30,000,000+
  • Nearly twice the size of Texas
  • Founded in 1551, National University of San Marcos is the oldest in the Americas
  • Incan Empire was larger than imperial Rome at its peak
  • Home to both the world’s highest sand dune and deepest canyon

Company Culture

As we continue to expand, it’s important to ensure our Oktana family feels connected regardless of location so we’re increasingly focused on building our company culture and communication between offices. As the year progresses, we may reach out to you, as our partners, to share your story so each developer is able to better understand the projects keeping their colleagues up at night.

MuleSoft & Informatica Certification

With a growing team, we’ve also expanded on our certification game. We believe in continuous learning, so our developers are always training and working on new certifications. We recently stepped outside of core Salesforce certifications to explore other options that fit our team, including MuleSoft and Informatica certifications.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about us. Our team has worked with different organizations and their projects. We are Salesforce platform experts and offer custom development to help you build your platform and solve the right problems. If you want to know more about our work, go check out our latest success stories.

Paraguay Joins The Fold

You may have seen hints on our social channels lately but now we’re finally ready to give you a closer look at the plans for our new office and why we’re excited to be adding another country into our fold. As you may know, we have three offices at the moment in New York, San Francisco, and in Montevideo but everyone here at Oktana is very excited about the opening of our new office in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. If you didn’t know Paraguay is one of only two landlocked countries in South America. It shares borders with Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. Paraguay is a growing market for software development and we’re excited to join in on the ground floor.

Asunción, Paraguay

Currently, our office in Montevideo acts as our primary location for all delivery related functions. As we’ve grown we’ve come to recognize that there is an opportunity for us to take our experiences in building the team in Uruguay and apply it elsewhere.  One of the things we’re most proud of as a company is how we hire and help train our new and upcoming talent. Our belief is that when we bring people in and teach them how to work within the Salesforce platform from the beginning they are able to truly master it without getting stuck on preconceived notions of how things should be working. This is a core tenant of our company culture and it’s something we will be continuing to do as our new team in Paraguay joins us.

Our New Team Members!

We’re currently in the process of moving into our new offices and hiring people but 9 people have already started working. Our Paraguay team is currently sharing a co-working space in Asunción and plan to inaugurate the new offices before the end of the year. We’re thrilled to bring this new country on board and are even more excited to continue growing the team. Right now we’re looking for Web Developers and Quality Assurance specialists to join us so if you happen to be in Asunción and are interested in joining our team, check our open position. 

The New Office

At Oktana we value our people and our culture as a company above everything. We’ll be working hard to carry our culture over to the new office and the new team. We strive to make all of our offices to feel like they’re part of one big community. The team in Uruguay drinks their Mate hot, in Paraguay, they drink it cold, and in New York, they might not even know what Mate is but that’s ok because even with some differences we’re still all part of one team working together. Even if we’re not all in one office or even one country, or even drinking the same tea at different temperatures, we still feel connected.