Salesforce Platform Stability Solution

Our partner is a fast-growing technology company with an emphasis on enterprise security. Its focus is on the development of SSO systems for enterprise customers that allow users to log into several services, including Gmail, Slack, and Salesforce with one username and password. They are the most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.

salesforce platform stability solution

Need: Best Practice Culture and Salesforce Platform Stability Solution

Working as staff augmentation alongside the customer’s team, this project started as a 3 months period to migrate their Salesforce org from classic to lightning. Due to the expertise shown by our team of developers, the customer decided to extend this contract so we could help solve some other issues they were experiencing. Among them, we started to apply best practices and stabilize their platform.



The first step of this process was to change our partner’s mindset and create a culture of best practice principles. Before their partnership with Oktana, they didn’t have a code repository, therefore, there wasn’t a record of code versions. Our expertise has taught us that this is a crucial element for correct development and that was the first thing they implemented alongside co-revision. As a result, we have reduced technical debt from their Salesforce platform.

Together with a design team, our developers created their Salesforce page layout from scratch, making it responsive and time-efficient. For this, we used Salesforce Lightning Components, Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Given that soon Salesforce will discontinue the use of Javascript buttons, the team decided that it will be more efficient to rebuild them using Lightning Components, this way once the platform is fully migrated those will be ready to use. This is still an ongoing process the team is working on. You can take the Lightning Alternatives to JavaScript Buttons trail to learn more about this subject.

Our partner wanted to purchase a package that would cost an enormous amount of money on licenses. Our team found that it would be more cost and time-effective to build this solution for them. They created a dashboard that works as a checkpoint for their account page. This way they could see reports without having to access the account page, reducing time and effort for employees. 

Additionally, we have cleaned up code, process builder and workflows, revised and refactored triggers, and reduced technical debt.



As a result of this Salesforce platform stability solution that Oktana provided, we have an ongoing partner relationship. We continue to provide our expertise in developing new features and correcting code that was previously built. As of November 2020, the team is working on automating processes, as well as reducing and monitoring asynchronous processes.

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