Transformative Salesforce Optimization for the #1 LATAM University

Our customer is one of Chile and Latin America’s most prominent and respected higher education institutions. Faced with the challenge of gaining deeper insights into user behavior and enhancing the analysis of marketing campaigns. The mission was clear: implement improvements to capture and collect student data from two crucial websites, ultimately expanding their reach to a broader audience of potential candidates.

Transformative Salesforce Optimization


This university wanted to implement improvements to obtain more information about navigation on two key websites where they capture and collect student data. This initiative aimed to gain deeper insights into user behavior, enhance the analysis of ongoing marketing campaigns at the university, and expand data from a broader audience of potential candidates.

Solution: Salesforce Optimization for Increased Effectiveness

The project was divided into two stages and mainly encompassed the following implementations:

  • Updates on the Candidates and Opportunities section.
  • The capture of candidates through web forms.
  • Changes in academic units.
  • Optimization in web service and workflows to efficiently create candidates and campaigns.

All implementations were done using the standard REST API of Salesforce. We improved data management, user experience, and overall effectiveness in engaging students and managing marketing campaigns in the higher education setting. The main solutions can be summarized as follows:

  1. Salesforce Optimization: The core solution involved a meticulous optimization of the Salesforce platform, leveraging the standard REST API for seamless integration and enhanced functionality.
  2. Candidate Data Capture Enhancement: The implementation of updates on the Candidates and Opportunities section, along with improvements to web forms, aimed at optimizing the capture and management of candidate data. This ensured a more efficient and accurate process for collecting crucial information.
  3. Workflow Implementations: Strategic workflows were developed to automate various processes, such as the creation of opportunities, activation/deactivation of candidate tracking services by the academic unit, and the regular manual candidate conversion. These workflows streamlined operations and reduced manual effort.
  4. Campaign and Academic Unit Linkage: A crucial solution was the establishment of a seamless linkage between campaigns and academic units. This integration provided a comprehensive view of marketing efforts, facilitating strategic decision-making.
  5. Web Service and Workflow Optimization: Changes in academic units, optimization in web service, and the implementation of workflows contributed to the efficient creation of candidates and campaigns. These changes were critical for maintaining data accuracy and campaign effectiveness.
  6. Data Segmentation and Reporting Tools: The creation of new fields such as “Channel” and related search fields in the Campaign object facilitated improved data segmentation and reporting. These tools empowered the institution to derive meaningful insights from their Salesforce data.
  7. User Experience Improvements: A Screenflow was developed to guide users through the data completion process, ensuring accurate information and preventing incomplete form submissions. This significantly improved the overall user experience.
  8. Automated Alerts: The implementation of automated alerts for web broadcast candidate creation, triggered by a workflow, provided timely notifications and streamlined communication within the system.


In summary, the collaborative efforts between the university and our team resulted in a technological evolution. The optimized Salesforce platform not only addressed the initial challenges but also set the foundation for continued growth and innovation. This success story stands as a testament to the positive impact of strategic technology implementations in the realm of higher education.


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