Offline Salesforce Mobile App for Energy Company

Our partner is one of Southeast Asia’s largest oil refineries and suppliers of petroleum products with a capacity of 275,000 barrels per day.

Offline Salesforce Mobile App for Energy Company

Need: Salesforce Mobile App Available Offline

Our customer partnered with Salesforce to help better manage plant maintenance. They needed a solution that would let engineers receive notifications whenever there was an issue with the machinery within the plant and trigger a solution with the information and documentation required to solve that specific problem.

Due to the large size of the plant, there are areas where the internet connection is not optimal and the connection to Salesforce fails. For this reason, they needed a solution that would allow them to continue documenting their maintenance process in a mobile app while offline. Additionally, they had the challenge of documenting complex engineering records related to the technologies they use to maintain their plant machines.



Our team found the best solution for our partner was to create a mobile application that would allow them to keep documenting their process while offline and later, once the device was back online, the information would automatically upload to Salesforce. To develop this mobile app we used Salesforce Mobile, Lightning Web Components, Apex, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and the tools Salesforce provides that guarantee the correct functionality of the app within the plant while offline. Additionally, we created a continuous integration system with the purpose of automating testing environments for the application, ensuring the correct function of the application.

For the second stage of this project, we addressed the complexity of the e-forms used during the maintenance process. The team needed to be able to find, edit, and save documents to Salesforce in an efficient way. The solution was to keep the documents and forms as objects within Salesforce that allowed checkbox functionality. We created a data model using a JSON application that allows us to mold the data so it can fit into different forms. This generic model can be adapted to accommodate all of the different forms.



The solutions developed by our team are currently being used by our customer. As a result of these implementations, Oktana has an ongoing partnership in which we will continue to provide Salesforce support, maintenance, and customized solutions.

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