Virtual Events Platform Company CRM Migration to Salesforce

Our partner is a global virtual events venue company that provides multiple interactive areas optimized for connecting and engaging.

Need: Hubspot to Salesforce CRM Migration Solution

This start-up company boosted sales during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the nature of their business. This meant increased records and processes that were no longer efficient for the high demand they were facing. 

They decided that the best solution would be to change their CRM from Hubspot to Salesforce. This required migrating all the data they had stored in Hubspot to Salesforce and recreating all processes and flows they were already using.



Our team of developers started this project by slowly replicating the processes they had created in Hubspot into Salesforce. They have also restricted the sales representatives from being able to change and customize these processes to ensure more control and security throughout the company. 

The second stage of this process was migrating their records. There were approximately 400,000 records that had to be migrated to Salesforce. This allowed the sales representatives to manage all of their business through Salesforce directly, centralizing all their processes. 

Our team also integrated Chillipiper, a tool that allowed them to create a web-to-lead form that was added to their website, so once users registered, they were automatically added to Salesforce as leads. This tool also connects to the sales representatives’ calendars allowing leads to book a time slot with them depending on their needs. This configuration gives ownership of different leads to sales reps. 

Additionally, as part of the customer’s requests, the Oktana team integrated Hello Sign so the sales team and their customers can sign documents online in a secure way.

Given that their employees are still working on getting used to Salesforce, the development team has created a way in which every time they create something new on Hutspot. It can automatically be seen in the Salesforce org. 

The technologies used for this project were apex for triggers, accommodating records, and configuring Salesforce CPQ. Apex was also used to automate these processes.



The first stages of this CRM migration to Salesforce have been a complete success. The client is happy with the results our team has provided and we are engaged in an ongoing relationship with them to keep the business running and coping with their increased demand. 

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