Okta Salesforce Migration to Lightning

Okta is a fast-growing technology company with an emphasis on enterprise security. Its focus is on the development of SSO systems for enterprise customers that allow users to log into a number of services, including Gmail, Slack, and Salesforce with one username and password. They are “the most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.”


Need: Salesforce Migration to Lightning and Community Optimization

Okta was in the process of completely refactoring its codebase due to rapid growth and needed the help of a partner to supplement its internal development team to achieve greater bandwidth, higher quality, and faster development cycles.

After successfully completing this project, we have continued to act as a key component of their development team.



As their chosen partner, we spearheaded Okta’s refactoring process. We were able to examine the work critically and recognize the challenges and define solutions. Our developers initiated a migration from Classic to Lightning and encouraged the adoption of best practice principles that leverage Salesforce, decrease release time, and lower long-term maintenance costs.

Our developers worked alongside Okta’s designer to build their main website from scratch using Lightning Components. They had difficulties with their process builder and workflows so we updated these functionalities to triggers. We incorporated Lightning Components to replace some troublesome Javascript buttons.

We also solved some issues they were experiencing in their Salesforce community. Our developers added Live Agent Chat, new functionality that allows agile communication between Okta’s support team and their customers which is much faster than communicating through email or phone.

For the most recent project, our developers did a makeover of Okta’s community landing page on Salesforce. This involved changes in the design and quality of the code, as well as the user experience. We built it using Lightning Web Components, Lightning Communities, Apex, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Continuing with community work, we made improvements to the public community portion of Okta’s help center. Much of the work done was refactoring the code of this area to make it more sustainable, scalable, and maintainable.

We have also helped with processes related to Okta’s opportunities, renewals, and general platform stability of all environments.



Okta has become a long-term partner for Oktana. Since we completed these projects, we have taken on new projects with Okta and continue to act as a key part of their development team.

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