Connecting Salesforce IoT

internet of things

Salesforce is very excited and passionate about the potential that IoT connectivity could have for both Salesforce users and their clients/customers.


During one of the keynote speeches, we learned about how the data collected through the use of internet-connected devices can be paired with Salesforce data to create a powerful tool for customer interaction that is not only reactive to customer needs but also pro-active based on the data that is being sent to Salesforce constantly from IoT devices and the use of Salesforce IoT orchestrations.


Now you might be wondering what it actually takes to get your data from your IoT device management platform and into Salesforce and that’s a fair question. As you may know, most IoT devices currently on the market aren’t capable of connecting to Salesforce out of the box. That’s why we at Oktana partnered with Salesforce to develop the Salesforce IoT Connector app. With the Salesforce IoT Connector app, we can establish a link between your IoT device management platform, including AWS and GCP, and your Salesforce dashboard to bring in all your IoT data and use it to make smart decisions for your business, your clients, and your customers.



We recognized that to help accelerate IoT adoption within Salesforce, admins need to be able to connect all the devices they already have out in the field.


We’ve built an application that makes linking your management service to Salesforce simple and intuitive. The app acts as a data replicator that connects to your management platform, collects the data that has been gathered, and then sends it to Salesforce for you to use within your Salesforce IoT orchestrations.



As a Salesforce Administrator, you’re probably concerned with how we handle the data that comes into Salesforce from your IoT management service. The IoT Connector gives you all the power you need to easily manage what data is coming in and where it goes once it gets there. First, you will provide an example of the data that is coming from your management service in JSON format. Then, you can map all the data to the Salesforce event fields of your choosing.



Salesforce’s goal with Salesforce IoT is to help empower every business in that space to be able to harness the data from their network-connected products and use it to reimagine the ways they do everything. With the Salesforce IoT Connector, we have further lowered the barrier of entry for Salesforce customers to truly take advantage of all the data being collected by their connected devices. We’re always imagining new ways to use IoT technology to change customer experiences truly and we believe this tool is one of the essential first steps on that road. 


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