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MuleSoft provides multiple products to build APIs, manage API users and integrate systems with other software quickly and efficiently. 


As a MuleSoft partner, we can help you implement and leverage this powerful platform. If you are a MuleSoft customer, we are the right partner to build a custom app leveraging data exposed through MuleSoft or to integrate systems with other Salesforce products.

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Connect Everything with MuleSoft

Oktana has implemented over 30 installs of MuleSoft Anypoint API Community Manager. 

MuleSoft provides an Experience Cloud-based community to help onboard and manage your API users, leveraging the security of Salesforce with SSO and MFA solutions. Our customers have reported up to an 85% decrease in API adoption time post-implementation.


Oktana has a larger experience working with MuleSoft; we have been part of 30+ implementationsThe product provides an Experience Cloud-based community to help onboard and manage your API users, leveraging the security of Salesforce with SSO and MFA solutions. Our customers have reported up to an 85% decrease in API adoption time post-implementation.

It is a platform that helps you easily build and manage your APIs and integrations.


  • Connect applications, data, and devices.
  • Enjoy full API lifecycle management and integration including API access management and dependency mapping with customized reporting and dashboards.
  • Apply security layers and leverage a network graph for insights and recommendations.
  • Build a custom community portal to manage and enable your API users.
  • Simplify API onboarding with interactive query tools and a knowledge base.
  • Manage user access and permissions to maintain a secure environment.
  • Engage with users on forums, collect real-time feedback to improve your offering.
  • Integrate systems 5x faster with pre-built connectors.
  • Leverage 100s of out-of-the-box connectors and templates ready to connect to Salesforce, other SaaS applications and cloud services including AWS and Azure.
  • Use ODBC, JDBC, and other open protocols to connect databases.
  • Accelerate development and metadata propagation while managing large amounts of data through secure, bidirectional flow.

Success Story

High tech company reduces onboarding time by 80% with Anypoint API Community Manager


Our customer is the US leading national provider of interior finish and design technology solutions for homebuilders. They provide technology solutions to enable integrations with builder, supplier, and vendor partners.



With the launch of several newly updated APIs, the company identified an opportunity to create a developer portal with MuleSoft Anypoint API Community Manager to accelerate adoption and simplify communication with its developer community.



To create a new community to support the growth of the Buyer Selections API and prepare the way for future APIs, we used MuleSoft Anypoint API Community Manager.

Our team worked closely with our customer to create a developer portal to showcase the API with technical and business documentation, and a mocking service to allow developers to try the API on the site.


Through Experience Cloud, we were able to customize the community theme to ensure it remains consistent with the overall brand. CMS cards are used throughout to simplify management of the site content and provide a space to showcase APIs that are in development. 



With the deployment of Anypoint API Community Manager, the customer saw an 80% reduction in onboarding time, resulting in smooth adoption of the new Buyer Selections API. In addition to an improved onboarding experience, the customer team is now enabled to easily share relevant content and announcements, creating value to engage and retain API users.

Heroku and MuleSoft

Heroku’s flexible development platform and available Postgres database enables developers to build, manage and scale apps quickly. When combined with MuleSoft’s integration and API platform, we can efficiently connect any data from any system to any app.

Benefits of Heroku and MuleSoft for your Organization

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform helps connect various customer systems and data sources – no matter where it resides – to provide a 360-degree customer perspective, allowing you to offer personalized experiences.

Trust and Security

MuleSoft and Heroku provide a secure foundation to build compliance-friendly apps. As a SOC 2-compliant Salesforce

 partner, we can help you ensure a safe development according to your industry standards.


Whatever the size of your business, apps designed with Heroku are easy to scale. Also, Heroku is compatible with various programming languages, including Ruby, Java, Scala, PHP, Python, and JavaScript.

Success Stories

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