We Build Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Our team of Salesforce experts can help you develop a new AppExchange app from scratch, help your business migrate your existing products to AppExchange, provide support services for the apps developed, and more.

A couple of years ago, we created Tok. A flagship Salesforce app designed to help keep organizations in close contact at all times. Our app was built on Salesforce Chatter, allowing instant messaging, team messaging, and groups to connect within Salesforce. That way, conversations were safe, secure, and archived within your Salesforce instance. Your team never had to leave Salesforce to talk and collaborate. This app was our star project, used internally in daily communication and widely used by other companies. 

With Tok’s success in the market, and as our team grew, so did our internal product development team; we developed more than 13 ready-to-install Appexchange apps with over 1500 downloads.

Here is a list of some of the latest apps designed by our team:

  • Oktana Account Map gives your users a clear view of where their customers are. See your contacts’ location, local time, and even birthday on the account page. With the ability to filter by birthdays, contacts you own, and new contacts this week – you can control how many customers are placed on the map.
  • Oktana Calculator & Currency Converter gives your users access to standard calculations and the ability to convert between 170 different currencies without ever needing to leave your Salesforce org. Leveraging the Alpha Vantage API, this component can be embedded in any Salesforce page.
  • Oktana Calendar can take your team beyond the default Salesforce Calendar component, allowing them to quickly add, edit, delete, and even color-code certain events from within any home page (or app page) in your org. Based on a responsive design, this calendar keeps up with your busy users by sending automated reminders, ensuring they’ll never miss an event. Leverage the Salesforce Calendar to help manage your team’s time more efficiently.
  • Oktana Contact QR quickly generates a QR code to add contacts to your phone easily. You can set the QR code to redirect to the contact record in the org or download it directly, allowing you to choose what fields to include. Leverage this component to make importing contacts easier for you and your team.
  • Oktana Location Map lets you quickly look up a location visually on the map; then, it automatically stores the latitude and longitude in the location record for you. This component even allows users to share their location by grabbing a Google Maps link.
  • Oktana Org Limits Monitor makes it easy to track org usage for developers and admins. They are easily customized to show only what’s important to you. Our developers have experienced losing track of org limits, so they designed a component that can be used anywhere.
  • Oktana RSS Feed brings your favorite news sources right into your org. This mobile-friendly component can be personalized with up to five RSS feeds. And most importantly, the admin retains control by setting the default feed and determining which sources are appropriate to access.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. The Oktana YouTube component lets you embed your video without any code. Admins can choose whether to embed a specific video by YouTube ID or allow users to search for videos.  Every user has their viewing history stored, making it easier to locate previously watched videos.
  • With the Oktana Credflow component, you can now check financial account applicants’ credit scores or criminal background history in just two steps. No coding or design is required; just build flows directly as desired and obtain near-instant results.

These apps are FREE, and you can fully use these solutions without payment. If you need a custom app for your organization, we can build it for you from scratch. Check out our services.

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