SALESFORCE Managed Services

It’s essential to keep your Salesforce Org updated and in line with your business needs. We can proactively manage, maintain, and address issues before they become full-blown problems, and also ensure the system grows and evolves with your organization.

Our team lives and breathes Salesforce. We have experience across nearly every product Salesforce offers. We can maintain solutions we’ve implemented for you or help you decrease existing technical debt and rollout your backlog of updates.

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What does Salesforce Managed Services include?

Administration Services

Developer & Integration Services

As your company grows and evolves, so does your Salesforce org. Our team of experts can provide technical support, manage and maintain your standard and custom objects, create validation rules, and workflows.

Analytical Services

Having a 360 view of your business is Salesforce’s goal, we can help you create and maintain custom reports and dashboards for your business to help you access the metrics that matter the most.

Support Services

We provide first-line support. Our consultants can help you solve the main issues in your org, including management of support requests and tickets to Salesforce.

Ongoing Support

Many of our customers are long-term partners. We can provide ongoing support for any of our custom development to help your business continuously innovate.

As a Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner, we have vast experience working with the Salesforce platform. Our team can help you build, deploy, maintain code and maintain system integrations for any custom development needs.

Release & Change Services

Our team can help you build and implement multi-cloud Salesforce solutions. Post-enrollment we can also provide code maintenance and deployment for custom development needs.

Salesforce Maintenance

If your Salesforce org is due for an update or you’d like to take better advantage of a new feature, our team of Salesforce administrators and developers can make it happen.

Reduce Technical Debt

Sometimes the backlog gets away from you; other times, you may be working around a suboptimal Salesforce implementation. We can help your team catch up and move forward.


The Oktana team has helped global companies across multiple industries build apps and cross-cloud integrations with a variety of complex languages and frameworks. Our developers have worked with different technologies such as Apex, Visualforce, and Salesforce DX.

Check out some of the technologies our experts use.

Check out some of

the technologies our experts use.

Trust and Security

Oktana values trust and manages a compliance program that carefully considers data protection matters, with both physical and remote considerations. With access to onshore resources, we have the ability to meet compliance requirements from specific industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, and U.S. Public Sector.

We have a trusted team, committed to the security of our business and yours

Salesforce Managed Services Success Stories