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We’ve put together the most asked questions below. If you have a question we surely know the answer.

About Tok

Tok is an app that enables secure real-time chat on any device to optimize Chatter and facilitate team communication in any device without leaving your Salesforce org.

If you are a frequent Chatter user or if you are looking for a chat solution that goes as fast as your business, you should definitely consider Tok for your company. Tok provides secure and real-time conversations among your employees to help increase productivity and build a better work environment.

Tok was built by Oktana, a custom app development company specializing in design, implementation, optimization, and Salesforce integration. We have operations in more than 5 countries across North America and South America, and are a Salesforce Silver partner.

Tok has a reasonable price so more companies can experience real-time communication in the Salesforce environment. A Tok subscription costs $1 per user, per month with a free trial to let you experience Tok before making a commitment.

Installing Tok is easy. If you are a Salesforce admin, go to our listing on the AppExchange and click the “Get it now” button. You will be prompted to begin the installation process.


The Tok free trial gives you access to all the features our customers are already enjoying in your org for free. All that you love about Chatter, plus real-time messaging, secure environment, personalized alerts and more. Just remember, the trial period is just for one month.

Tok provides real-time communication in your Salesforce org. Our users are able to stay connected without missing any important details. Imagine your team is working from different locations. One of them is back at your office, some are working from home and you also work with talent from other countries. With Tok, you are able to keep working, grow your company, and collaborate. All while creating a cool working environment.

Tok gives you plenty of resources to communicate your ideas and, of course, your mood. Besides public and private groups, channels, direct messaging, tracking tools, you also get Gifs, emojis, customs texts, and more so you can have fun while achieving results!

We have a lot of reasons for saying Tok takes Chatter to the next level. From real-time communication to multi-screen access, Tok is the chat solution your company needs to always stay connected. Tok also gives you the opportunity to work from your office, from home, or anywhere in the world while your data and conversations are safely stored in your Salesforce org. Creating a fun work environment is also important to us, so Tok provides new features like emojis, gifs, push-up notifications, and more. They turn a regular work routine into an agile, fluid, fun, and efficient day.

We are always glad to #Tok. You can contact us through our email, tok@oktana.com, or call us at 415-449-7550. If you are looking for more information you can always visit our website www.oktana.com/tok/ or connect with us on social media (FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Twitter).


First of all, thanks for choosing us. Reviews help other customers decide if Tok is exactly what they are looking for. If you are comfortable writing a review, please add it to the Tok listing on the AppExchange. And again, thank you.


All updates, releases, and relevant information about Tok will be promoted across our social media channels. We invite you to stay tuned on FacebookInstagramLinkedin, and Twitter.


When you need to communicate privately with a specific group of people, you can create a channel with any users you want. Messages sent in this new channel will generate a push notification for all channel members. If you create a private group, any post shared in that group is visible for all members of the group. If the group is public, anyone can see the post, even if they’re not members. If you mention a group in a post or comment, this will send a notification to all the members of that group.

Anyone in your community is able to message any member within that same community.


In the left sidebar, you will find a list of users. Click the name of your teammate and you can start messaging in the chat box. If you don’t see your teammate’s name, click on the “+” next to “People” and use the search box to find them.


Yes, Tok is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.


Tok currently does not support this kind of restriction for direct messaging or groups. In a channel, any member of that channel can send a message. In a public group, anyone can send a post. In a private group, messages can be posted only by group members.


Any user can create a direct messaging channel. They can start a conversation with any users they choose. Only users added to the channel can send and receive these private messages. Tok currently does not support revoking access to direct message channels due to restrictions in that Chatter Messages API.

Features & Functionality

To customize your contact information, click your name in the upper left corner, then click My profile. You will see your messaging history. Click the information icon (the “i” in the circle), then edit your personal information. On this screen, you can also choose what information you want to keep private or show publicly.

  • Users are not obligated to use a picture, but our Tok team strongly recommends everyone use a real picture of themselves. Why? It narrows digital distance and makes conversations feel more natural and real.


Yes, you can always change your status to let your teammates know when you are available. Click your name in the upper left corner and a dropdown will appear with 4 options: online, away, busy and offline. Choose the one that reflects your current situation. But hey, be honest ;).


To see further information about users, click on their name colored in blue. You will see their public history messages. Click the information button “i” in the upper right and you will see more details like name, email, phone, etc.


Tok supports both private and public groups. Groups are spaces where you can share information in the form of a post and members can comment. In a public group, anyone can join, read, and create posts without asking permission. In a private group, the group’s owner or manager must approve the user’s request to join before the user can interact with the group. The owner or manager may revoke a user’s membership at any time.


Yes, both kinds of notifications are available. Which email notifications you receive can be controlled.


If your day is over and you need to log out, you’ll find a Logout option in the Tok application menu: Tok>Logout.


Tokbot is your Tok personal assistant. If you have a lot of work to do, let TokBot help you with specific tasks so you can focus on the big planning or projects. Remember, tasks are automatically added to your Salesforce org.

Installation & Compliance

No need to worry. Tok was built on the Salesforce platform, so we provide the same level of data security as your Salesforce org.


Yes, as Tok was built in Salesforce. Every message you send in Tok will be stored in your Salesforce org.


Going through the installation process is also simple. First, log in with your Salesforce account (you must be an admin), then install the package, and finally set up your permissions. Please, find detailed instructions in our Resource Center.


We know sometimes this setting-up task seems hard but, believe us, it’s pretty simple. Please, find a helpful guide in our Resource Center.


Tok is a Managed Package so every time a new version is released, your app will be automatically installed. That’s good! You won’t need to reinstall anything.


Since Tok was built inside Salesforce, we use APEX as our main programming language. This programming language was created by Salesforce, allowing developers to create and run on-demand apps in the Salesforce environment.