Salesforce Custom Automation: Sales Process

Radius Intelligence, now acquired by Kabbage, was a martech startup focused on offering best-in-class data and intelligence specifically for sales teams. The product aimed to reduce the loss of productivity from poor data quality and wasted effort on prospects that would never buy. With Radius Connect, users could seamlessly integrate B2B data and intelligence directly into Salesforce equipping sales professionals with the most up-to-date prospect data, when they need it.

Salesforce Custom Automation: Sales Process

Need: Custom Automated Sales Process

Aside from offering Salesforce integration within their product, the Radius team used Salesforce internally. They needed help to set up a custom automated sales processes within Salesforce that would be triggered as soon as leads were converted into opportunities and when opportunities were won or lost.



We worked with the Radius team to automate their sales processes to create new records and better manage existing proprietary data. These processes could be triggered when leads were converted and when the status of an opportunity changed.

Additionally, we created a renewal opportunity with products and updated sales prices which could either be manually set up by an account manager or produced automatically. Opportunities could be linked so that a history of opportunities could be traced.

This solution was fully customized to meet the requirements and needs of the Radius team. To ensure the correct function of these processes, our team also performed Salesforce-specific test protocols.



The Radius team continued to grow to a database of 20MM small to medium businesses, resulting in its acquisition by fintech Kabbage which lends up to $250,000 to small and medium enterprises, using AI-based algorithms to help determine the terms of the loan.

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