Medzed Custom Heroku App & Salesforce Integration

We worked with MedZed to build its CareForce product which unifies their healthcare systems and automates patient data processing from other healthcare ecosystems using a blend of Sales Cloud and Heroku. Custom objects are used on the back-end to store patient data and ensure HIPAA compliance. Standard Sales Cloud workflows and approval processes streamline interaction between MedZed’s CareForce users and patients. Standard activity objects keep records of patient communications via inbound/outbound calls and text messages and Einstein Analytics is used to anticipate patient needs.

Need: Custom Heroku App & Salesforce Integration

MedZed wanted to fully integrate existing workflows and systems into one place, maintaining the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance at all times. They additionally wanted to improve these workflows and gain the ability to manage data in the field with the confidence they would be able to do so on a secure platform. They also wanted to be able to use Einstein Analytics to make intelligent predictions about patient needs when patients reach out to MedZed.


We partnered with MedZed to help them build CareForce.

Firstly, using Node.js, we built a custom Heroku app to connect MedZed’s healthcare systems to their Salesforce org in an effort to streamline patient data processing. Next, Salesforce custom objects were created to store all customer data on the back-end and ensure HIPAA compliance.

To streamline interactions between CareForce users and their patients, we utilized standard workflows and approval processes. Sales Cloud activity objects were then used to record all inbound/outbound communications.

Our team of developers used Angular to build the front-end and created a Heroku Postgres database for the back-end. Because MedZed was already using Salesforce Classic and did not want to migrate to Lightning, the app was built using Salesforce Classic which allowed us to integrate with MedZed’s existing platform without issues.

Einstein Analytics was then integrated into the Salesforce dashboard to allow for analytical data to be gathered as patients interact with MedZed employees.


Through our work with MedZed, we were able to integrate all workflows into Salesforce and maintain proper HIPAA compliance. They are now able to use Sales Cloud to track patient interactions which allow them to greatly improve customer satisfaction by streamlining and speeding up the customer experience. By integrating every part of the business into their current systems, they are now able to take advantage of the strength of Salesforce without the need to fully migrate all systems to the platform.

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