KONE Elevators Mobile App Optimization

KONE elevators provides industry-leading elevators, escalators, auto walks, and innovative access solutions for maintenance and modernization and have been a Salesforce Partner since 2016. The KONE application enables field technicians and dispatchers to manage jobs, report progress, and obtain assistance through a variety of features offered through the Salesforce SDK and serves as a flagship application that truly captures the power of Service Cloud.

KONE Elevators Mobile App Optimization

Need: Mobile App Optimization

KONE team members were experiencing performance issues with Salesforce flows in the mobile app. It would often take very long to run the main app flow because of lagging load times and the display of irrelevant screens. The KONE app required optimization.



Our developers found that the best way to fix KONE’s app issues was to rebuild the app. React Native and JavaScript were used as the framework to build out the refreshed mobile apps, which communicated with Salesforce and were developed in three modules.

The first and second modules were native iOS and Android apps with a Salesforce back-end through the Salesforce SDK. The third module, developed in React Native, contained the front-end and retrieved information from the native modules.

We used React Native to address issues with platform functionality – development time was cut in half because it simultaneously works on iOS and Android. JavaScript was also used to replace some Salesforce flows to simplify and improve the functionality of the overall platform.



Our customer’s use of Salesforce has been optimized now that the main flow of the app now functions much faster, enabling KONE’s field technicians and dispatchers to serve their customers more efficiently and be more proactive.

We build with responsiveness in mind, but can also help you build mobile solutions for Salesforce, iOS and Android. 

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