Dave & Busters Salesforce Process Optimization

Dave & Busters operates a chain of 134 restaurant and entertainment centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Dave & Busters Salesforce Process Optimization

Need: Salesforce Lightning Transition and Sales Process Optimization

From within Salesforce, the Dave & Busters team was managing sales, including leads and opportunities, sales budgeting, and generating sales reports. They had been using an old version of Salesforce and engaged another Salesforce partner to help port everything over to an upgraded instance with Lightning support. Unfortunately, there were issues with the migration that needed to be cleaned up. Dave & Busters also needed help with a number of Salesforce administration tasks to introduce improvements to their sales and online event booking processes.



Oktana now provides long-term Salesforce administration for Dave & Busters. We began our engagement resolving compatibility issues caused by the migration by repairing the data structure. From that point, we worked with them to properly configure their Salesforce org to support the correct data structure and future development.

Beyond basic administrative work, we have also worked with Dave & Busters to expand the capabilities of their Salesforce org. We built a small web app for Sales Cloud to allow them to more easily generate a specific type of sales report used widely across the organization. We are also in the process of developing a direct booking application for their website to allow customers to easily book and pay for private events. This includes building a new payment system within Salesforce that communicates with the website.



The result of the Salesforce sales process optimization solution has been an increase in productivity for the Dave & Busters team. They now have a fully functioning Salesforce org they can expand upon easily as they grow. Dave & Busters continue to engage Oktana in new projects as we have very open and clear lines of communication with each other and set honest expectations so everyone is satisfied and things get done right.

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