Key Advantages of React Native

Our first Oktana workshop of the year gave us some amazing tools on how to begin our journey through React Native. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to develop top-notch functionalities and React Native is the next best thing. Similar to our React Native workshop, we will walk you through the four key advantages of this outstanding framework and how it is an awesome tool for developing optimal solutions with JavaScript

Key advantage of react native

But, first things first, what exactly is React Native? React Native is the next generation of React – a JavaScript code library developed by Facebook and Instagram, released in 2013. It enables users to natively develop rendering applications for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Now that we know a little more about the framework, let’s jump into the 4 key advantages of React Native:



According to Stack Overflow, more than 55% of developers use this language, so being JavaScript one of the fastest and most -used programming languages, combined with the community usage and the incredible amount of documentation available, make React Native one of the most developer-friendly frameworks out there.



One of the most amazing things about React native is how it makes you think of the moments where you want to go from wireframes to something real, tangible. As you gain experience, you will easily start to notice the “general minimal state” which makes your app work, and quickly notice the way it needs to change, dividing them into components, in order to form a more complex functionality. This way, something that seemed like a huge endeavor, you can resolve in no time.


It’s all native

We must definitely highlight that React Native’s building blocks are reusable “native components” that enable developers to build more native-like UI/UX apps as opposed to typical hybrid frameworks that can’t be archived. This way, the app will have the speed, look, and functionality of a native mobile app.



React is fairly new but it is certainly on an incline for demand. It was first released at the Hackathon to address technical issues for the developers’ community. It eventually transitioned into React Native, a framework created specifically for this initiative. Furthermore, React is heavily supported by the social media giant Facebook, which has made a solid investment in developing its technology.


In conclusion, React Native provides great functionality for developers and users. It enables developers to easily and quickly build a fast and intuitive mobile app working for both Android and iOS. Functioning on several different operating systems, it pays homage to their motto, “learn once, write anywhere.”  

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